Bottles for sale

Apart from selling some of my open bottles as samples on this page, I’m also trying to keep my collection somewhat smaller. I’ve amassed some bottles over the years that I not necessarily regret buying, but for some ‘the moment has gone’.

This results in a certain bit of my collection which I’m not going to drink. I’ve decided to sell those bottles through my website, and might end up sending them for auctioning if I feel like I can take the risk of them selling for significantly less than I hope…

The list is below. If you’re interested in any of them, contact me on Facebook or email to get things going. Of course, shipping is added and depends on where you are. Packaging is included since I reuse the professional stuff that’s used by web shops…

Prices are of course, negotiable, especially if you buy a number of these babies.

2 Responses to Bottles for sale

  1. Barry says:

    Hi, if they are still available could I buy the Karuzaiwa and the Bowmore for €500 please?

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