(Not so) Blind Tasting Competition 16: Glenrothes 6yo, 2007-2014, 66.8% – Adelphi for WIN

Today’s sample is not so blind since I forgot to taste it before the deadline. I spend the evening drinking some great drams with my brother in law and this way the next zero-pointer is not such a setback, since I know it beforehand. So, I tried not looking up what it was to do a sort-of blind tasting of it, but with the plethora of blog posts popping up today that proved impossible.

Still, this would have been another setback since this is another dram I have tasted before but would never recognize blind. Like all others, apparently, but still.

I think I’ve said it before in some blog post but Glenrothes is one of those distilleries that I’ve never really enjoyed in an official bottling, but there are some stunning indies out there from both really young to really old. Somehow, their middle range seems to be fairly unimpressive when watered down to 43%.

Glenrothes 6yo for WIN. Image from Whiskybase

Glenrothes 6yo for WIN. Image from Whiskybase

Really big and fruity sherry. Really, really big. Maybe the most sherried of the competition, and I’ve said that before because there are some huge ones in there. This one trumps them though. Obviously (66%+) it’s fierce. There’s a slight vegetal note behind the dried fruits. Some kind of waxy leather too, but in a weird way. There’s fruit that smells a bit rotten somehow. Like those blackened mangos or something like that. There’s an off-note that puts me off slightly.

The palate is ridiculously hot. It scorches and burns to a level that’s hurtful. This one doesn’t just improve with a drop of water, but it plainly needs some. If I let it swim for a bit it becomes more gentle, but it stays very leathery and intense. The fruit is here also, both dried and overripe. It’s all very sweet. Very, very sweet.

The palate continues here, with the fruit leading the way. The soft leathery flavor is gone here. The finish is surprisingly gentle, or my mouth and throat have gone numb. With this ABV that is very well possible.

Of course, there’s not going to be a story about me guessing some ridiculous whisky that’s as far as what it actually is as possible, but my opinion will follow as usual.

In short, I’m not a fan. It’s a bit of a weird combination of the rather weak palate of Glenrothes, with a massive smack of alcohol to it. The flavor is really intense because of that, but in a weird way. It’s not very rich, or very good. It’s just very intense.

So, all in all, it’s not my favorite dram. It’s not very bad either, but I just think it’s not very interesting.

Glenrothes 6yo, 2007-2014, 66.8%, Adelphi for Whisky Import Nederland’s 10th anniversary.

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