Glengoyne 25, 48%

It seems Glengoyne has finally joined the ranks of distillers that bottle some of their product at 48%. As far as I remember they always did everything either at cask strength or at 43%. 48% is better. At least I think so, especially when the decision to go to 43% would also involve chill filtration.

Anyway, this Glengoyne 25 year old was released last year and got rave reviews. It seemed everybody liked it despite it’s rather hefty price tag. A bottle of this will cost you north of € 250, with only a German shop keeping it closer to € 250 than € 300. In short, this is an expensive bottle.

I finally got to try it at De Whiskykoning‘s favorites tasting. I went there two weeks ago already and got to try his favorite drams of 2014, and this was part of the line-up. I already know the Glengoyne 21 year old. My father in law has the current edition and I went through a bottle of my own a few years ago. I know that one is good but on the verge of being over-sherried.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

This definitely is a sherry bomb. It’s more whisky-like than expected though. As in, the sherry doesn’t overpower the whisky as much as I expected. It’s slightly sharp, with raisins, plums, dates, a whiff of alcohol, barley and, somehow, banana crisps (those you can get at Indonesian supermarkets, you know).

The palate is dry, again with raisins but also muesli (with all the dried fruits and nuts and all). Some espresso, lots of oak and quite sharp still.

The finish has chocolate and raisins, sherry, oak, some ‘whisky sharpness’. It’s dry, sweet and slightly bitter.

The sharpness I refer to is, I think, created by the added 5% alcohol. The 21 year old has nothing of the sorts and is closer to being overpowered by the sherry than this one. The whisky shines a bit more in the older version. I like that.

Apart from that, all the usual suspects are here with sherry, oak and dried fruits making an appearance. I like the slightly bitter notes of espresso and chocolate too, they add a nice layer of depth to an otherwise good, but rather simple dram.

In short, I like it, but I don’t think it’s € 300 good. Especially if for a couple tenners more you can get a bottle of the Balvenie Tun 1509, I always go for that.

Glengoyne 25, 48%, available at De Whiskykoning for € 315

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