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Armagnac: Baron Gaston Legrand, 1995, 40% (and a wrap up)

The ninth and final Armagnac from the bottle share is another Bas Armagnac, like the Laballes and the Tariquet from a couple of days ago. I didn’t overly like those drinks, even though Bas Armagnac is supposedly the better terroir … Continue reading

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Armagnac: Saint Christeau 1950 and 1938

The Saint Christeau Armagnac was varying from 1990 back to 1938. I initially planned to stretch that time span further, between 1995 and 1934. Unfortunately these two were not available anymore and I settled for the others. Whichever way you … Continue reading

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Armagnac: Saint Christeau 1990 & Tariquet Blanche

Another Saint Christeau Armagnac, and a weird one. The Tariquet Blanche is not just 100% folle blanche (which is the grape), it is also a blanche Armagnac. Which is just a fancy way of saying they didn’t bother to age … Continue reading

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Armagnac: Saint Christeau 1940 & 1987

The intention of the bottle share was to do only Armagnacs from the Saint Christeau brand, but as it turned out the shop had some stock issues and couldn’t deliver, or find, the bottles I ordered. Hence the switch to … Continue reading

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Armagnac: Two Armagnacs from Chateau Laballe (Réserve and 2006 vintage

When I started going through the Armagnacs from that recent bottle-share, I decided to start with the more recent distillates. On the other hand, I couldn’t wait to dive into the old ones too. What I did was make a line-up … Continue reading

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Armagnac bottle share: Saint Christeau from Distillerie Gilbert Miclo

So, while we’re at it, I was talking about getting interested in other boozes, like Armagnac and Sake. I have yet to get into the Sake shtick, but I am following through with that Armagnac bottle share. I know of a … Continue reading

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Vallein Tercinier 53 years old, 1967, 47% – Wu Dram Clan

Again, it seems Wu Dram is forever. Or at least for 53 years now. I’ve never had much Cognac before. I tried some Armagnacs and my father-in-law had me try some Cognac in the past, but I never got into … Continue reading

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Adelphi / Whisky Import Nederland Virtual Tasting

Last Friday I participated in the first virtual tasting for Adelphi and Whisky Import Nederland. The tasting was hosted by the Dutch importer and joined by Alex Bruce and Connal Mackenzie from Adelphi. We tried five different drams, four ‘whiskies’ … Continue reading

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Recalibrating my own sample usage

Yesterday I was out on the hunt for a new car. This has nothing to do with whisky except that I got near Rotterdam and picked up some bottles from Whiskybase. After that I drove to Den Bosch to visit … Continue reading

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Copper & Kings Butchertown Brandy, 62%

I guess there’s a first for everything. In this case a first American brandy, distilled in a hotbed of bourbon distilleries: Louisville, Kentucky. The brandy was matured in bourbon casks for an unknown amount of years, but we know it’s … Continue reading

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