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Bowmore 1995-2014, 19yo, 57.2%, ‘The Rock Pool’ – Wemyss

The last one of the three samples I got from Wemyss, and if the online availability is anything to go by, this is a cracker. It was released last week on Thursday or Friday and has already sold out. And … Continue reading

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The Best Whiskies of 2015

So, I had written a lengthy post about selecting the best whiskies of 2015, and how that process works for me. There was a table with my favorite two whiskies per month, and how I narrowed that list down to … Continue reading

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Glenlochy 27yo, 1980-2007, 54.8% – Duncan Taylor, Rarest of the Rare

Another sample I traded with whisky buddy Martin. Another one to open my eyes to my own mistakes. Strangely enough, I just read a post by ‘My Annoying Opinions’ on regretting not buying better whisky when it was still available. … Continue reading

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Blair Ahtol 1991-2014, 46%, ‘Foraged Fruit Fool’ – Wemyss

The second Wemyss review this week, and the third will follow soon (of the new Bowmore called ‘The Rock Pool’). This Blair Athol comes in a period of about a year or so in which quite some independent Blair Athols … Continue reading

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Music in 2016

  Normally I do these lists in the week between Christmas and New Year, but this year I only wrote a post about my Whisky of the Year in that week. This happened, in part, because I kept discovering new music … Continue reading

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