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Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye, 64.5%, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2009

The popularity of bourbon, rye and American whiskey in general has driven up prices massively. Especially on this side of the pond price tags are far less interesting than a couple of years ago. This is partially done by exporters and importers … Continue reading

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Thomas H. Handy Sazerac 2010

The most recent version of the Thomas H. Handy was the one I was able to get for the Bottle-Share, and as I told here yesterday, I owed you a review. I tasted an earlier of this whiskey and was … Continue reading

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Thomas H. Handy 2007

Recentelijk zijn op het blog van John Hansell,, de nieuwe whisky’s van de Buffalo Trace Antique Collection gereviewed. De minst scorende kreeg alsnog 93 uit 100 punten! Eigenlijk zijn elk jaar deze whisky’s geweldig scoren ze nooit minder dan … Continue reading

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Distillery 291 “Colorado Rye Whiskey”, 50.8%

This single barrel is a bit of an oddity in my book. A distillery I’ve never heard of selling single barrel rye whisky at pretty steep prices. Or at least, in Europe the bottles go for pretty steep prices. This … Continue reading

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Millstone Rye, 10yo, 58.6% – OB for The Whisky Exchange

A little while ago I organized a bottle share of this baby, after tasting some great samples of Zuidam Rye. I got enthused by this one from the moment they announced it at The Whisky Exchange, but I found the … Continue reading

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Bottle-Share 3: Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – The Results!

Finally, after long weeks of not getting around to it, I have tasted and reviewed all 5 Buffalo Trace Antiques we samples in the previous Bottle-Share. As I expected by the good reviews they were getting on other websites, the … Continue reading

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Random Update

Today, no tasting notes for the simple reason that I have not had the time to write them early this morning, and I forgot to take my notes with me… I decided to write a general update on things happening, … Continue reading

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