Samples for sale

I’ve decided to try and sell samples again from my collection. Just to keep things flowing and not have the bottles open too long.

The prices of the samples are per 5cl, and without shipping costs of course. Of course any volume is possible, as long as it’s in the bottle and I’m willing to part with what you’d like! The price is based roughly on current value divided by 12 (it’ll take 14 samples to empty a bottle, but this way there’s something in it for me).

In some cases when shop prices at whiskybase haven’t been updated for a while I take a guess, and in other cases when prices are getting ridiculous in shops I lower the price (Rosebank 25, anyone?).

Check the file for more info!

Samples available

FYI: I use glass sample bottles that currently don’t fit regular mailboxes.

One Response to Samples for sale

  1. Greg says:

    Hello, could you give me a price on the following 5cl samples from your list.
    Dailuaine, Glenlochy, Glenugie, Pittyvaich, Mortlach SMWS. I Live in the UK (England)

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