Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

To stay on the same topic of disliking something first and liking it whenever you try it again, Hans Offringa was slightly offended by my rant about JD’s Tennessee Honey. A whiskey liquer I tasted in a hot motel in Fallon, Nevada. Sitting on a bed, drinking it from a paper cup.

I admit that circumstances were not optimal, but I was pretty sure I did whatever I could to give it a proper shot. Still, he brought me another sample last February and I just HAD to try it again in a more appropriate setting.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee HoneyA lot fuller than I remember and it doesn’t have the scent of wet cardboard. Sharper and spicier too which I find surprising for something this smooth. Honey of course, pretty floral. Wood, cinnamon and bread pudding. Rather fruity after a minute with soft and sweet peaches. It does becomes drier and spicier after a few minutes.

The palate is still very doughy, like I found it the first time around. It still has the honey/sugar glaze from old fashioned doughnuts. Far, far better than I remember with loads of crusty icing sugar and quite a bit drier too. In a very good way. Tastes more of booze than of syrup.

Old fashioned doughnut

I really enjoyed a lot of those the last time I was in the States


The finish is more in the Jack Daniel’s style with proper whiskey flavours and some wood too. The honey glaze is omnipresent but I find candied lemon rind as well and powdered coconut.

I have to admit, I like this stuff. A lot. It’s not whiskey but it’s a very nice change of pace and I can see this going very well with desserts. Ice cream, pecan pie, that kind of stuff. I also really enjoy the fact that it still tastes quite a bit like whiskey and didn’t give up much quality to add the honey liquer.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, OB, 35%, € 30, available at The Whisky Exchange.

4 stars


About Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer

I'm a web developer at Emakina. I'm highly interested in booze, with a focus on whisk(e)y. I like to listen to loads of music and read quite some books. I'm married to Anneke, have a daughter Ot, a son Moos and a cat called Kikker (which means Frog, in Dutch). I live in Krommenie, The Netherlands.
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9 Responses to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

  1. duesseltaler says:

    Did you tried the Jim Beam Honey also ?
    If yes, wich one do you like more ?

  2. Want a sample of the Beam Honey?

  3. Hans says:

    Het is een vriend die je je feilen toont, haha! glad I took a sample for you and you were willing to give it another shot, literally 😉

  4. lvwhisky says:

    What the heck were you doing in Fallon, Nevada?

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