Mortlach 17, 1995-2012, 53.3% – Creative Whisky Company

For some reason I just don’t seem to get the series in which David Stirk bottles his whiskies right. Exclusive Casks, Malts and Range. I can’t keep them apart. That’s why I never mention them, but this one will not be confusing, since there is only one Mortlach 17 as far as I know.

Mortlach is one of the main components of Johnny Walker Blue Label, but that uses mainly sherried whiskies. This is from a bourbon* cask which is not seen that often.

* after looking it up on the Drinks & Gifts website, it appears to be a refill sherry butt. I would NEVER have expected that, since the flavours all point in a different direction.

Mortlach 17. A sample from Drinks & Gifts

Mortlach 17. A sample from Drinks & Gifts

Burnt wood and grain, with quite a lot of fruit as well. Fresh pineapple, but old and slightly dried out. Apple and pear and fruit syrup.

Slightly coarse and dusty with wood and a chalky mouth feel. Lychee, pineapple juice, apple. Lots of light fruits, but also wood and coffee.

The finish also throws in a lot of fruit, baked apple, wood. I don’t really get any vanilla which I find strange. It’s good though. It also has that candy banana flavour.

While this is a nice whisky, and interesting because of it’s rarity, it still isn’t as appealing as I expected it to be. There’s lots of fruit and candy flavours, but because of the candy addition it all tastes a bit artificial. Most fruit flavours are the kind you find in wine gums, instead in the actual fruit basket.

Still, I happily drink my 10cl sample but I won’t buy a bottle. I’ll just wait for another Mortlach to come along. For some reason I want to buy one. Don’t exactly know why, but I have the feeling it will add another flavour to my collection that isn’t there yet.

Mortlach 1995-2012, 17yo, 53.3%, Exclusive Malts, Creative Whisky Company. Available for € 84.99 at Drinks & Gifts

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