Littlemill 21, 46%

An official bottling from Littlemill? I didn’t even know these existed anymore! Especially not in these dinky ship decanters. Anyway, Littlemill was described as the underdog of the Lowlands during the tasting, a distillery that was always a bit sad.

Most people I know have a love-it or hate-it relationship with Littlemill, but with the vast amount of bottlings popping up last year there were some rather kick-ass ones. This bottling isn’t one of the surprising heavily sherried ones, or a sharp and really strong bourbon cask. It’s a rather regular Littlemill.

Littlemill 21

Littlemill 21

It smells a bit like there were some sherry casks involved in the blending of this wee bottle.  A full plate of wheat porridge (typical Littlemill if you ask me). Malt, some gentle spices, dried tropical fruits and grilled pineapple. Also some sweet Indian curry.

Gently spicy again, with vanilla and coconut. By coconut I mean the hairy outside of a coconut and not the white fruit inside. Slightly peppery but it goes more gentle quick. It’s a bit dry too, with hints of wood and chalk.

The finish is surprising with hints of After Eight sweets, meaning chocolate and mint. I also get the hints of porridge again with a touch of hay.

This is a delicious whisky. You do have to like the really malty flavour of the described porridge, but the sherry sweetness in the background is really stunning. Truly gorgeous.

Unfortunately, it was released and available at some € 125 at first, but it went up really fast. At a recent auction it netted about € 400 according to Rob Stevens, the Whiskykoning himself. I found it online in Belgium for € 275 but at most places it has sold a while ago. Quite strange if you consider there were 3000 bottles available! The shop put the one bottle they got in the tasting, so I am truly grateful for that!

Littlemill 21, 46%, 3000 btls., used to be around € 125.


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I'm a web developer at Emakina. I'm highly interested in booze, with a focus on whisk(e)y. I like to listen to loads of music and read quite some books. I'm married to Anneke, have a daughter Ot, a son Moos and a cat called Kikker (which means Frog, in Dutch). I live in Krommenie, The Netherlands.
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