Arran, 49.1%, batch 1 – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

One of the newest releases from TBWC is an Arran, happily being made available about a month or so after Master of Malt’s single cask from the same distillery. I feel I have uncovered a pattern there, with almost all of their releases, apart from the Brora, Port Ellen and Caperdonich varieties.

Arran Distillery

Arran Distillery

Anyway, Arran is a cute little place on the Isle of the same name, idyllically located in the valley near Lochranza. We camped across the distillery a few years ago which came in really handy for doing exorbitant tastings. After about a two minute walk I could crash if I wanted to.

That Boutique-y Arran at Master of Malt

That Boutique-y Arran at Master of Malt

Quite some wood influence is the first thing that stands out to me. White oak with some spices. Pepper and vanilla. Toasted oak and an exceptionally heavy feel for an Arran. The weight isn’t much like the Arran I know, the scent of apples is very much the distillery character. After a while the fruit scents get stronger.

The palate is a bit lighter than the nose made me expect. There’s fruit, grass, straw. It’s also rather gentle, you never know with a 50% abv whisky. Rather full bodied with black pepper, apple and creamy vanilla.

The finish is light, and a lot fresher than the nose. Rather short but with fresh vanilla and some fruit.

While it isn’t my favourite Arran ever (that probably goes to ‘the Peacock’) it is a rather tasty whisky. There’s quite a development it goes through from nose to finish, and while that might set you off at first, it does make a second (or third) glass more viable since you just have to try some more to get all the nuances…

Oh, and it’s not expensive either. That can’t hurt.

Arran, 49.1%, batch 1, That Boutique-y Whisky Company. Available, but you can get batch 2 from Master of Malt for £ 39.95.

Official sample provided by Master of Malt. Thanks guys!

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