Ardbeg Blasda, 40%

Ardbeg Blasda to me looked like a reincarnation of the rather magnificent Kildalton, albeit younger and not at cask strength. I only had a wee taste of Kildalton from the Ardbeg Peat Pack a few years ago, which also included a 5cl version of the 10, 17 and Uigeadail. To me the Kildalton stood out since it was such a refined dram and showcased the vast quality of Ardbeg whiskies with all nuances that are normally overpowered by the quantities of peat.

Ardbeg Peat Pack at The Whisky Exchange

Ardbeg Peat Pack at The Whisky Exchange

When it came out I didn’t really hesitate before buying it, since it couldn’t be anything else than stunning, right? Boy, was I disappointed. The most significant reference to the Blasda I ever heard was when someone said “pass me the water”. But, let’s just do a review nonetheless.

Ardbeg Blasda samples at Master of Malt

Ardbeg Blasda samples at Master of Malt

Rather salty at first, but very light as well. Lots of cereal and some grassy notes too. There’s no richness whatsoever. It all feels very thin and watered down of what it could have been. There are some spices present, with just a touch of white pepper and vanilla.

Rather sharp, even though it is only 40%. I guess it has to do with the youth of the dram. Slightly sparkly on the palate, with salt and grass and slate. But, thin. Very, very thin. There is some pepper later.

The finish is short with salt and pepper, grass and a small hint of vanilla. Somehow it does feel a bit less watery.

As expected, I ain’t no fan. I just don’t care about this whisky at all. The flavours are present but they’re all watered down way too much. I think this should have been bottled at 46% like all other Ardbegs. I just don’t understand why they didn’t.

‘The people’ agree with me I think, since although it was only a one time only release it still is available without looking too hard. I bought a bottle when it came out, it’s still more than half full and the remainder I have given away to Gal and Steve. Still have to send stuff, but it’s coming your way guys!

Ardbeg Blasda, peated to 8ppm, 40%, samples available at Master of Malt for € 6.17


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  1. Gal Granov says:

    thank you mate 🙂

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