Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition, 1991-2007, 43%

I got this baby on Warsaw airport when I came home from a work trip to Minsk, Belarus. That seems ages ago, and it is since I have had 2 different jobs since. I paid about € 75 for a liter which was a very good deal in that day and age. I believe the price was higher for the normal bottling in shops back then.

Anyway, the Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition is a Lagavulin of roughly the same age as their standard bottling of 16 years old, but finished in very active Pedro Ximinez casks for a couple of months. The difference those casks make in that little time is rather tremendous.

Lagavulin Distiller's Edition at Master of Malt

Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition at Master of Malt

Cigars and oranges at first. Some orange juice too, with peat smoke and tea (lapsang souchong). Due to the low ABV and the fact that this has been airing off for a couple of years it’s very light and maybe a tad thin. There’s quite a bit of malt present too but apart from those excesses, it’s rather a lot like Lagavulin 16.

Ful and rich and sweet. Also a little dry with again the slightly bitter tea notes. Orange juice again and the cigars are present too. Scented smoke that is, with peat in there too. The palate has quite a lot of crushed black pepper and oak.

The finish continues down the same path with similar flavours, but added to the mix I get ripe cherries!

That this is rather sherried compared to the only lightly sherried regular edition is clear from the get go. I would love it if they upped this variety to 46% to see what that does since it does feel a little thin. While this is still a very tasty whisky the years in an opened container haven’t helped and I remember this being better than it is now. It still is a damn fine dram, however.

What I do think though, is that this nice dram is a good diversion from the regular Lagavulin, but I still prefer that one to the PX finished Distiller’s Edition.

Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition is available most everywhere at prices of around € 70 to € 85. Master of Malt has is fairly cheap.


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