Inchgower 1982-2011, 29yo, 54.6%, #6974 – Duncan Taylor Rare Auld

I’ve tried some Inchgower 1982 (by Malts of Scotland) before and it came pretty darn close to tasting like a real highlander like Clynelish. Lots of character, lots of goodness. And actually, I have already had this exact Inchgower as well, at Hielander’s whisky festival in 2012. I did a short review but had a hard time pinning so I wanted to try it again. Enter Master of Malt’s Drinks by the Dram program.

Inchgower 1982 by Duncan Taylor Rare Auld

Inchgower 1982 by Duncan Taylor Rare Auld

A really full and rich old bourbon cask with vanilla and spices. There’s quite a bit of wood, but none in a too harsh way. Also bees wax, ginger and some black pepper. A rather fresh note of pine is also present. Very mature and absolutely stunning.

Quite dry, more so than I expected or remembered. Initially rather gentle, though. It does gain some strength. The palate is a bit more simple with most of the scents present in the flavour too, but the palate is dominated by pepper, oak and bitter notes.

The finish has mountains of good oak, with saw dust and dry, old vanilla. Also hints of caramel and almond.

While the nose is far more complex than the palate and the finish, this is an absolutely stunning whisky. I am still trying to figure out which one I like best, this or the Malts of Scotland one. Both are stunning, and very close. I should have bought it when it was only € 105 at Master of Malt.

Inchgower 1982-2011, 29yo, 54.6%, #6974 – Duncan Taylor Rare Auld. Available at Whiskybase shop.

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