Bulleit Rye, 45%

Bulleit Rye is a 95% rye whiskey from the United States, bottled (and blended) by Diageo. It’s one of their few American Whiskey brands but their working on more market share at the moment with their Orphan Casks series and other projects.

Currently there is no Bulleit Distillery and the contents are a mix from other places, stating Lawrenceburg, Indiana as its place of origin. That screams LDI to me, but as with many of LDIs products, it’s all pretty good.

The point of this is to say we don’t know a lot about this whiskey. It doesn’t claim to be a straight rye whiskey, so it could be very young (under four years old) or it can contain a tiny amount of flavoring, or both.

What matters, in the end, is whether it tastes good.

Bulleit Rye. Image from Whiskybase

Bulleit Rye. Image from Whiskybase

It’s surprisingly crisp for a 95% rye whiskey, or any other rye whiskey for that matter. Loads of cereals on the nose, and it does smell young and sharp. Sharper than expected at 45% ABV. There’s quite some baking spices, all spice, ginger snaps and a hint of apple too. A touch of pepper pops up if you give it some time.

Mostly spicy with pepper, allspice with loads of ginger. Apple, pear skins. Sharp and crisp as on the nose. It does get a bit sweeter after a couple of seconds of swimming.

The finish is extremely cereal like. Here the rye flavor pops up, I didn’t really get it before. Spices, apples, pear skins, ginger. Cookie dough and shortbread.

Another thing I don’t usually add to reviews is this. I brought this on our family weekend in February to make Sazeracs. This is by far the most awesome whiskey I’ve ever used for that, and by now there’s been a few. Sazerac, Dutch Rye, Rittenhouse (both the regular one and the Bottled in Bond) and probably some others I’ve forgotten about.

This one is great because of its fierceness and the crisp flavors. Absolutely gorgeous, and ridiculously tasty and moreish.

This whiskey in general is pretty good for the € 30 or so you’ll send on it. Prices vary wildly from € 27.95 to € 36.95 which is a lot as a percentage. Anyway, if you’re even remotely into rye whiskey, I think this is a staple you’ve got to at least have once and see where you can go with it. It works in cocktails, it can stand up to a chunk of ice and it works neat as well. I’m getting a new one as soon as it’s empty, which it almost is. It goes fast if you churn out 15 Sazeracs, all using 3cl of it.

Bulleit Rye, 45%, € 30 at De Whiskykoning.


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  1. samuelstyve says:

    I loved their bourbon, I am getting one of these soon myself

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