Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, 18yo, 40%

It’s been ages since I tried Johnnie Walker Gold Label, but that still is one of the most popular posts on my blog. A few years ago Diageo decided to phase that one out, and replace it with the Platinum Label. Not a clue why, but their marketing division probably had some ideas about that.

Then, last Christmas a good friend of mine was here for a couple of beers and whiskies. His company gives their customers a Christmas gift of some nice whisky samples, this year coming from Master of Malt. He also brought me a pack and in there was this Platinum Label sample.

There also was a Nikka From the Barrel, Lagavulin 16 and a couple of others. A nice pack that shows a lot of everything.

Quite waxy at first. Smooth with hints of oak. Slightly buttery with some caramel. Slightly too sweet, but quite light. Very simple, and a tad flat. You’ll have to do your best for some scents.

The palate is gentle, with some chalky notes and licorice. Waxy and slightly dry. Some soft oak, very lightly spicy and a hint of banana.

The finish brings some gentle warmth and is very consistent. So, slightly too sweet (banana) with some waxy notes and hints of licorice.

I think, if I remember the Gold Label correctly (it’s been a while), that this one is a tad more flat than that one was. There’s slightly less going on and the flavors are all rather timid. It’s not a bad whisky, but it’s not something I’d spend my money on.

As with the old Gold Label, this one doesn’t offer enough value for the money you spend on it. As in, for around € 70 you can also get a really nice single malt. For example, you can get a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and buy a couple of beers as well. So, it’s a nice whisky from a marketing perspective, but I don’t think this is aimed at the connoisseur…


Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, 18yo, 40%. Available around € 70 in a lot of shops.


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