Family Silver 1972-2017, 44yo, 41% – Cooper’s Choice

When this one popped up last year, I instantly bought it. A bit of an impulse buy that I try to stay away from, but in this case it all turned out well. Especially after tasting it.

The blend is a small batch blend consisting of only three distilleries: Invergordon and Garnheath make up the grain part, while Lochside was used for the single malt.

So, in a way, you’re drinking 1972 Lochside.

Also, this bottle comes with a cask reference (VM1972BSW), which indicates to me that this was matured in a single cask for a longer period of time than just some marriage happening before bottling.


Image from Whiskybase

The nose is crisp with lots of fruit. The sweetness of the grain whisky with apple and pineapple. Some mint and fresh coconut. Simple syrup, with hints of vanilla crumble.

The palate is very gentle with a bit more oak than on the nose. Crisp and fruity again, with lots of grain flavors. Apple, pineapple and coconut. It’s rather light, but full flavored. Dried pineapple too, and an increasing amount of oak after a while. White pepper too.

The finish is slightly dry, but still crisp and sweet with lots of fruit and some oak. White pepper and dried pineapple come through.

Well, I don’t know the percentages used in this bottling, but the fruitiness of old Lochside certainly is present, and so is the sweetness of the grain. The big layer of coconut is really good and the sweetness is never overpowering. This is a stunning bit of blending.

If you’re interested in such a rather ridiculously old whisky, it’s still available online, but the price has gone up a bit to 250 euros. Still good value, I think.


Family Silver 1972-2017, 44yo, Cask VM1972BSW, 41%, Cooper’s Choice. Available in Germany and other countries


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1 Response to Family Silver 1972-2017, 44yo, 41% – Cooper’s Choice

  1. Percentages of the blending are:
    40% Lochside malt 1972
    30% Garnheath grain 1972
    30% Invergordon grain 1972

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