Tobermory 25 1994-2020, Refill Sherry Butt, 50.9% – Kintra Whisky / Whisky Mercenary

It’s been a while since either The Whisky Mercenary or Kintra Whisky (respectively from Belgium and The Netherlands) bottled a cask of whisky. Now they show up with a 25 year old Tobermory, which they split.

Nowadays a pretty rare thing to have a bottling from Tobermory without it being a Ledaig, so this is not one of these heavily peated dram that have proven popular lately.

Officially this is from a refill sherry butt, but I would have believed it if it was from a bourbon cask. The wood influences are very timid and give much room to the spirit to properly shine, without this being just about dried fruits and baking spices.

Tasting notes then!

Image from Whiskybase

Coastal and earthy, with some straw and oak and grass. Some salinity, maritime as the cool kids call it. Mossy creeks, with quite some green oak.

It has some bite from the alcohol at first, but in general it is rather mellow. Some dried lemon, with straw, dirt. It’s quite coastal again, with hints of brine and sand. Some fresh oak, sawdust. Dried orange, with hints of clove.

The finish is warming and woody. Quite mature, without being tired. Straw, brine, sand, dirt, wood. Dried apple towards the end.

Strangely, there’s virtually no spiciness, and I’m not getting many fruity notes either. Despite that, it’s a very lovely dram. It has some significant maturity and character. Unfortunately, I have not tried many non-Ledaig Tobermories lately, and therefore it’s hard to compare it to others. However, I do really like this one.

Also available in Belgium

As said, I would have believed it if I was told this was from a bourbon cask. The ‘refill’ bit is surely true. There isn’t much sherry left, I reckon. Another added benefit is that this is available for ‘a mere’ € 130 (an upwards), which is a steal for a 25 year old single cask whisky nowadays!

I’m considering buying this, because I plan to visit the Isle of Mull next year, and I like to be prepared and drink on-theme.


Tobermory 1994-2020, 25yo, Refill Sherry Butt 5013, 50.9%


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