Bally Delicious 23, 54% – Master of Malt

Bally Details

Bally Details

Bally Delicious is, of course, not a distillery, and since this one was tea spooned it is technically not even a single malt. I read on some twitter thingy from Master of Malt that it was spooned with whisky from a sister distillery, and since this one is called ‘Bally…’ my guess is that this is Balvenie. This is confirmed by Master of Malt’s website. Not in the description but in the little table of data on the left.

My guess is that this comes from a refill cask of some sort since the more typical flavours of a first fill aren’t present. It’s more

Bally Delicious by Master of Malt

Bally Delicious by Master of Malt

rounded, so to say. Fairly straight forward but because of that rather typical of the distillery bottlings. A little bit spirity and lightly spicy. I get heaps of liquorice though.

Very very gentle but still quite full, or rich, or however you put it. Some vanilla, a bit of wood, a tiny bit of fruit and spices. There is the liquorice again but apart from that, I prefer my drams with a bit more ‘direction’.

The finish doesn’t do anything new, apart from adding a bit of pepper.

With Balvenie it can go either way for me. There are some truly delicious ones out there as the tasting at Maltstock proved, but most distillery bottlings within the ‘affordable’ range are too gentle for me, too middle of the road.

While this is a much older bottling than most affordable distillery bottlings, it fits right in that corner. If you’re a fan of Balvenie, this is for you. If not, look elsewhere. At some of Master of Malts other bottlings, for example.

Bally Delicious, 23yo, 54% ABV, bottled and sold by Master of Malt in their webshop. Samples available for £ 4.86. The whole bottle costs £ 59.95.

Official sample provided by Master of Malt.


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4 Responses to Bally Delicious 23, 54% – Master of Malt

  1. What’s the logic? you can do a “mystery” bottling, without teaspoon, eh?

    • Yes, but to make sure that it’s illegal to bottle it as a single malt some distilleries teaspoon. Just to make sure you’d not only be breaking your contract, but also the law. Glenmorangie did it with a teaspoon of Glen Moray back when that was still a LMVH distillery. Glenfiddich and Balvenie do it with each other’s malt.

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