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Benromach 21, Bottled in 2004, Tokaji Wood Finish, 45%

Tokaji finishes are always a huge risk, if I’m honest. The good ones are very hard to come by, and most of them are at best interesting. I seem to remember an interesting Longrow of which, more than a decade … Continue reading

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Glen Moray 14, 2007-2021, Hogshead 6305, 51.7% – Catawiki

Catawiki released this series of ‘Catawhisky’ last year for their avid auction bidders. I believe it was stated that the first 1000 people to spend € 1000 on their auction site would get a batch of samples from this. What … Continue reading

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BenRiach ‘The Smoky Ten’, Bourbon & Rum & Virgin Oak Casks, 46%

Because it is not enough to have a regular bottling and a smoky version of that bottling. You also need to use every cask under the sun when doing so. Of course, there are far more types of casks available … Continue reading

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Strathmill 31, 1975, Côtes du Rhône Wine Cask, 42.3% – Creative Whisky Company

This bottling from a decade and a half ago comes from the Creative Whisky Company, then run by David Stirk. Since it’s been sold there have been no bottlings as far as I know. Strathmill is one of those distilleries … Continue reading

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Longmorn 10, 2011-2022, 52.4% – Michiel Wigman ‘They Inspired’

I guess by now not much of an introduction is needed for the ‘They Inspired’ series by Michiel Wigman. Single cask whisky, selected by the master himself, with a portrait of someone on the label that Michiel finds inspiring. We’ve … Continue reading

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Glen Moray 10, 2007, Bourbon Barrel, 46% – Alba Import

Glen Moray is one of those distilleries that tends to have a style that is fairly generic. It makes a perfectly decent Speyside style whisky, but often it doesn’t really make memories. However, some times what comes from the Elgin … Continue reading

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Benrinnes 12, 2007-2020, Cask 14358, 54.9% – WIN for Whisky Weekend Twente

Whisky Weekend Twente is one of the many whisky festivals in The Netherlands. It is also one that I’ve never been to, since it’s quite far away (to Dutch standards) and it’s one of those festivals where it’s mostly importers … Continue reading

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Benromach Contrasts: Peat Smoke 2012-2021, First-Fill Sherry Hogsheads, 46%

Benromach Contrasts is a series of whiskies from the awesome Speyside distillery that showcases a specific element of whisky making, which they then have changed from their regular releases. To put things in contrast, so to say. So far there … Continue reading

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Glenrothes 36, 1986-2022, Bourbon Hogshead 2125, 45.6% – Wu-Dram Clan

Our neighbours to the east keep at it with another rather spectacular release. This time it’s a Glenrothes from the mid-eighties. You don’t get to try whisky this old all that often anymore, so when a sample dropped in the … Continue reading

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Speyside Region 21, 1998-2020, Hogshead 18505, 54% – Archives

Yet another archives bottling! Not overly surprising with this being one of my favorite bottlers at the moment. They seem to be hitting the sweet spot between price and quality quite often! Surprisingly, I don’t really know what distillery this … Continue reading

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