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Glen Moray 14, 2007-2021, Hogshead 6305, 51.7% – Catawiki

Catawiki released this series of ‘Catawhisky’ last year for their avid auction bidders. I believe it was stated that the first 1000 people to spend € 1000 on their auction site would get a batch of samples from this. What … Continue reading

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BenRiach ‘The Smoky Ten’, Bourbon & Rum & Virgin Oak Casks, 46%

Because it is not enough to have a regular bottling and a smoky version of that bottling. You also need to use every cask under the sun when doing so. Of course, there are far more types of casks available … Continue reading

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Kilkerran 11, Open Day 2017, 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel, Triple Distilled, 60.3%

By now it’s almost six years ago I got these samples from Ben Cops’ ‘Campbeltown Mega Share’, back when that particular bottle-share group was still active. He also used to run a whisky blog but that seems to be on … Continue reading

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Bunnahabhain 33, 1980-2013, Bourbon Barrel, 45% – James MacArthur

It’s been a minute since I tasted something new of a vintage like this! With older stocks depleting, older vintages become more rare as we go. Of course, that has always been the case, but I think in the future … Continue reading

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Thalassa Whisky 10, 2011-2022, 55% – King Cask

But wait, wasn’t this reviewed already? Yes it is. Correct. However, this is a whisky that was ‘dynamically aged’ on the Thalassa, sailing across the Atlantic a couple of times before being bottled in Terschelling. Joris, of Dam Dranken on … Continue reading

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Springbank 11, 2011-2022, Local Barley, 55.1%

With it being Liberation Day in the Netherlands, I decided to liberate the last of my sample of this from its bottle. I was lucky enough to do a bottle-share with this, after winning a ballot for it at AceDrinks. … Continue reading

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Longmorn 10, 2011-2022, 52.4% – Michiel Wigman ‘They Inspired’

I guess by now not much of an introduction is needed for the ‘They Inspired’ series by Michiel Wigman. Single cask whisky, selected by the master himself, with a portrait of someone on the label that Michiel finds inspiring. We’ve … Continue reading

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Glen Moray 10, 2007, Bourbon Barrel, 46% – Alba Import

Glen Moray is one of those distilleries that tends to have a style that is fairly generic. It makes a perfectly decent Speyside style whisky, but often it doesn’t really make memories. However, some times what comes from the Elgin … Continue reading

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Benrinnes 12, 2007-2020, Cask 14358, 54.9% – WIN for Whisky Weekend Twente

Whisky Weekend Twente is one of the many whisky festivals in The Netherlands. It is also one that I’ve never been to, since it’s quite far away (to Dutch standards) and it’s one of those festivals where it’s mostly importers … Continue reading

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Oban 12, Freshly-charred American Oak Casks, 56.2% – Diageo Special Releases 2021

One of the prettier distilleries, in the very lovely town of the same name, is part of Diageo, and part of a lot of the special releases. This one was released in 2021 and matured in freshly charred oak casks. … Continue reading

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