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Clynelish 24, 1996-2020, Bourbon Hogshead WN001, 54.9% – WhiskyNerds

There’s a couple of these newish bottlers out there that are going for quality instead of quantity. Of course, officially they all go for quality, but I think y’all know what I mean when I say this. Most of them … Continue reading

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Back to basics with Glenfiddich

Sometimes you have to recalibrate your palate. All these bloggers tasting all kinds of exclusive whiskies, you can lose track of what the current standard is. We call stuff ‘good’, but what do we compare things to? Some tasters do … Continue reading

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Ardmore 21, 1997-2019, Bourbon Hogshead 901456, 49.4% – Whisky-Doris

Lately I’ve been becoming a bigger and bigger Ardmore fan, I realize. I’ve always liked peated whisky but I often find, after years of trying shitloads of drams, that the more gently smoked whiskies offer greater depth and complexity and … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 9, 2011-2020, Bourbon Barrels, 46% – Signatory Vintage

When a new Ben Nevis pops up, I am automatically enthusiastic, since most of them are very good nowadays. When that one is young I get a little bit less thrilled, but when it’s only about € 40, that kind … Continue reading

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Secret Highland 12, 2007-2020, Hogshead, 47.8% – The Whisky Agency

As far as bottlers go, The Whisky Agency operates in the top layer of them. There’s some others up there, but not many. So, when a joint bottling with Heads & Tails came out, I got a little bit thrileld. … Continue reading

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Secret Orkney 20yo, 1999-2020, Hogshead, 52.7% – Boogieman Import

Yes, this is Highland Park. They all are. This bottling was released some two or three months ago by Stefan van der Boog (BOOGieman), from Passie voor Whisky. And as I do when new and sort-of affordably Highland Parks are … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Perpetuum, 200th Anniversary, 47.4%

It was about 5 years ago that a lot of distilleries on the south coast of Islay celebrated their bicentennial. And by a lot I mean all three of them. Lagavulin released their 8 year old which I thought was … Continue reading

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Springbank 14, 2002-2016, Bourbon Barrel, 47.7% – Cadenhead

It’s been a while since I wrote these tasting notes, but it’s Springbank and Springbank is not something to just forget about and not review it. I am a self-professed Springbank Fanboy, although I don’t even buy that much of … Continue reading

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Bowmore Tempest II, 10yo, First Fill Bourbon casks, 56%

It’s no secret that I love Bowmore. It’s one of those distilleries that I enjoy from the young to the old releases, although most older releases are way out of my league. What I also love(d) are the series they … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich 2003-2017, 14yo, Bourbon Barrel MoS 17015, 56.8% – Malts of Scotland

I’m not alone in this, although there are many who aren’t exactly agreeing with me too. I generally really love Bruichladdich with a bit of age, from a bourbon cask. I know I can count on a lot of nodding … Continue reading

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