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Ben Nevis 24, 1996-2021, Hogshead 1535, 51.5% – Single Malts of Scotland for Royal Mile Whiskies

Ooooooh! 1996 Ben Nevis! Yeah, it’s one of those reviews where you see a good distillery, with a good vintage, from a good bottler. You know you’re in for a treat. Then again, that raises the bar at the same … Continue reading

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Glencadam 1990-2011, 56.6% – Berry Bros & Rudd

Glencadam is, to me at least, one of those distilleries that you’ve tried every now and then, but have never really focused on in one way or another. As in, years ago I tried their official 15 year old and … Continue reading

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Ardmore 21, 1998-2019, Bourbon Hogshead 750802, 51.7% – A.D. Rattray

I guess I must admit, at least to myself, that I am an Ardmore fan. Over the last couple of years, I’ve gone through quite a few bottles and even when I don’t buy anything for a little while I … Continue reading

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Glenburgie 27, 1995-2022, Hogshead 6668, 57.7% – Signatory Vintage for Wu Dram Clan

The last of the three bottlings for Wu Dram Clan’s third anniversary. I wonder whether they picked three because there’s three of them, or because they’re three years old. If it’s the latter, we’re in for some interesting follow up … Continue reading


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Glen Moray 13, 2007-2021, Barrel 5952, 58.8% – Archives

Glen Moray, to me, is pretty much a blank canvas. As in, the spirit is very gentle and sweet and gives a lot of play room for the cask to interact with the spirit. Unfortunately, that also means there are … Continue reading

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Highland Malt Whisky 11, 2010-2022, Barrel 2534, 58.1% – Whiskybase Gathering 2022

It is a public secret that this whisky is an 11 year old Clynelish. Not always do you get to know which distillery a ‘secret <enter region here>’ whisky is from, but in this case, Whiskybase didn’t really hide it. … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich 12, 2008-2021, Barrel 1710, 59.6% – Archives for the Whiskybase Shop

After last week’s Islay theme, I wanted to do an Archives theme this week. As in, not necessarily Archives, but things from Whiskybase, since they also release stuff under that label. I guess a transition should be done by doing … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Traigh Bhan, Batch 1, 19yo, 2000-2019, 46.2%

Older Ardbeg isn’t exactly as rare as you’d expect it to be. And, compared to quite some other distilleries, it’s not even that ridiculously priced. Of course, it’s expensive, but at approximately 20 years old, they tend to clock in … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich 1986-1996, 57.2% – Scott’s Selection

So, three days ago I talked about starting off 2023 with reviews of some Islay whiskies. Somehow, in my mind this transformed into a week of ‘old’ Islay whiskies and that is obviously not something I can keep up. There … Continue reading

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Thalassa Whisky 10, 2011-2022, 55% – King Cask

Another one of those weird whiskies from King Cask. And by weird I am talking about the way it came to be instead of the actual whisky. This one, with an ‘Origin near the Falls of Bruar’, or as is … Continue reading

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