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Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 008, 2020, 59.2%

The fact that this is labeled as batch ‘008’ sounds rather presumptuous, if you ask me. I don’t think there’s a whisky company that doesn’t consider rebranding their entire line every six to eight years. So, from that perspective, it’s … Continue reading

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Benromach 11, 2009-2020, Cask Strength Batch 04, 57.2%

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Benromach. And, in this case, I can genuinely say that’s because their flavor profile suits me to a tee. I hadn’t been there before the revamped launch of Gordon & MacPhail’s … Continue reading

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Octomore 08.2/167ppm, 2008-2017, 8yo, 58.4%

Slowly but surely slightly older Octomore are being released. In the case of Octomore it’s a bit weird since the age on the label will not entirely reflect a decent price point. Mostly because producing the whisky is ridiculously expensive. … Continue reading

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Two older Springbank 12, Cask Strengths

At some blurry point in my personal whisky history I decided it would be a good idea to start collecting something specific. I decided it would be the Lagavulin 12 releases, but more on that in a later post. It … Continue reading

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BTC #10, #11 and #12

Time to catch up! Due to heavy drinking on Friday night and a sleep in on Sunday, I didn’t get around to blogging about the last couple of Blind Tasting Competition Days. Yesterday, day 12, was the first one I … Continue reading

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Black Friday 16yo, 54% – The Whisky Exchange

Last week I was sent a sample from The Whisky Exchange for their Black Friday whisky. There was not much information given except the age and the abv, and throughout the week we got morsels of information fed by the … Continue reading

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Inchmurrin 2003-2017, 14yo, 54.6%, cask 171-1, The Whisky Nerds

Last Friday I was at a whisky tasting at De Whiskykoning. In that line-up were the previous two Inchmurrins from The Whisky Nerds, and they were hugely popular. And while Rob tried to keep the arrival of the third one … Continue reading

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Two other Archives: Glentauchers and Glen Keith

The ‘non-Speyside’ whiskies from the recent Archives release are a Glentauchers 1996 and a Glen Keith 1992. Obviously both are from the Speyside region, but they aren’t marked as an undisclosed Speyside distillery. Both are a bit weird in regards … Continue reading

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Three new Speysides from Archives

Last week the guys from WhiskyBase released five new bottlings in their Archives series. Three ‘Speysides’ from 1973, 1973 and 1998, and a Glentauchers and Glen Keith, respectively from 1996 and 1992. The first two are in a new series, … Continue reading

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Clynelish 23, 24 and 24, all from Adelphi

A while ago I did a bottle share with three Clynelishes About every second post on this blog starts like that nowadays. And if it doesn’t start with it, there’s mention of some kind of share down the line. This … Continue reading

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