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Longmorn 17, 2002, Bourbon Cask, 53.9% – SMWS (7.239, Lemon curd bread-and-butter pudding)

Well, at least this time around the name of the whisky has something to do with flavors that make any sense. So I cound that as a win! Other than that we’re talking about a bourbon matured Longmorn here. Of … Continue reading

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Bowmore 17, 2002-2020, 1st Fill Oloroso Hogshead TWB1010, 54.6% – The Whisky Barrel

I have no idea how someone would come up to bottle a cask of Islay whisky to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the moonlanding, but I’m glad they did. With this being a 2002 vintage, I think this is more-or-less … Continue reading

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Springbank 17, 2002-2020, Rum/Bourbon finished in Madeira, 47.8%

Let’s make recipes more complicated than necessary, shall we? This whisky matured for 14 years in Bourbon and Rum barrels, to be finished for three years in a fresh Madeira cask. All 9200 bottles were released last year and it … Continue reading

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Springbank 14, 2002-2016, Bourbon Barrel, 47.7% – Cadenhead

It’s been a while since I wrote these tasting notes, but it’s Springbank and Springbank is not something to just forget about and not review it. I am a self-professed Springbank Fanboy, although I don’t even buy that much of … Continue reading

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Two Highland Park from 2002

Recently, Highland Park have started to be a lot more prolific in private cask releases. There’s still a slew of ‘Undisclosed Orkney’ going around, but I’m 99% sure that that is all Highland Park too, just without the official label … Continue reading

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Balblair 2002-2015, 55.1% – Handfilled at the distillery

Handfilled at the distillery, unfortunately not by myself. Balblair is a bit of a strange brand, from a Dutch perspective. The brand is known, but quite rare to see on the shelf of a regular bottle shop. Even most of … Continue reading

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Glen Scotia 2002-2015, 13yo, 58.1% – SMWS (93.67)

I got a sample of this in a share ages ago, and when selecting things to take with me on holiday for a bit of a drink at night, I grabbed it off the shelf finally. Contrary to previous years … Continue reading

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Balvenie Peat Week, 2002-2017, 14yo, 48.3%

Balvenie produces a very lightly peated whisky throughout the year, but once every year (since 2002 at least) they’ve been producing heavily peated whisky. The first whisky of this ‘Peat Week’ program was released last year. Ever since visiting Balvenie … Continue reading

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BTC #10, #11 and #12

Time to catch up! Due to heavy drinking on Friday night and a sleep in on Sunday, I didn’t get around to blogging about the last couple of Blind Tasting Competition Days. Yesterday, day 12, was the first one I … Continue reading

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BTC #6: Springbank 14, 2002-2017, 55.8%

Let’s dive right in, right? Sniff: On the first whiff I get dry barley and tree bark. A very light and crisp mezcal scent with lemonbalm, some diesel but not really smoky. It gets a bit more warming (less crisp). … Continue reading

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