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Kentucky Owl Confiscated and Wise Man’s Bourbon

When lightly following The Bourbon Junkies on Youtube, you hear Kentucky Owl mentioned occasionally. Of course, that normally means that there’s something rather available in the USA that will never reach retail markets in Europe, unless you’re willing to shell … Continue reading

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Heaven Hill 2005-2015, Bourbon Barrel MoS15042, 52.1% – Malts of Scotland

I always thing it’s funny when a brand like ‘Malts of Scotland’ releases a whisky that’s neither a malt, nor from Scotland. Of course, with all the Irish stuff and American releases that are coming out from bottlers, this happens … Continue reading

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Four Roses Single Barrel 4-1V, 50%

These Single Barrels are always a bit of a lucky shot. As in, Four Roses uses ten different recipes for their bourbons, and I’m not sure if these single barrels are always from a subset or use all ten at … Continue reading

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I.W. Harper Gold Medal, 4yo, 1970s bottling, 40%

Back in the day, before Bourbon became as massively booming as it is today, you could pick up bottles on the cheap from auction. I once had a bottle of Old Crow, bottled in 1970, for which I paid about … Continue reading

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A FEW and Widow Jane Tasting, with Whisky4All

A couple of weeks ago Norbert, of Whisky4All, hosted a whisky tasting with several drams from FEW distillery and Widow Jane distillery. Of course, when it comes to tastings of American Whiskey, or Whisky, as he puts it, you are … Continue reading

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More Jack Daniel’s than I’ve ever had before

What always strikes me as interesting is that some distilleries or brands are most famous for an entry level drink, which is utter crap compared to everything that comes after. As in, Johnnie Walker is a pretty solid brand, but … Continue reading

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Elmer T. Lee 1919-2013 Commemorative Edition, 46.5%

This bourbon was released to celebrate the life of Elmer T. Lee. He was a long time employee of Buffalo Trace Distillery who made it from engineer up to being distillery manager. Officially he retired in 1985, but never really … Continue reading

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Ancient Age 90 proof, 45%

I was given a sample of this slightly older bottling a little while ago by MvZ. It’s been added to Whiskybase in 2013, but by the looks and style of the bottle I’d say this is quite a bit older … Continue reading

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Two high octane bourbons: 1792 Full Proof and Elijah Craig Barrel Strength C918

Ever since summer I got back into bourbon. Of course, having been drinking whisky for the better part of two decades a lot of the entry level bourbons are familiar, so I skipped that step. That means you get into … Continue reading

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Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection 2018, Select American Oak, 45.2%

A while ago, to my surprise, this Woodford Reserve Select American Oak was available from Whiskysite, and they had a 10% discount on everything sometime in autumn. Reason enough to try a three times more expensive version of their regular … Continue reading

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