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Vintage Bourbon 25, 1976-2001, 43%

Old Bourbon is not a common thing anymore. At least, not until you start shelling out thousands of bucks on a bottle. The same goes for Scotch, but to a slightly lesser degree. So when Nils sent me a sample … Continue reading

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Pure Kentucky 17, 1983-2000, Batch 00-70, 53.5%

A very old bourbon indeed, both in the way that it is 17 years old, which is very old for an American whisky, and that it was distilled 40 years ago. Bottled before we even had Euros. I got a … Continue reading

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Vintage Bourbon 17, 1983-2000, 43%

Vintage Bourbon is both a description and a brand name. It also is something I’ve been eyeballing in auctions for years but prices are fairly insane. Of course, any old whisky and especially older bottlings of old whisky are insanely … Continue reading

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Woodford Reserve Batch Proof, Master’s Collection 2018, 62.9%

In this post I talked about it a little bit, about finally getting my hands on a few bottles that had been sitting in the UK for about a year and a half. One of these two bottled was that … Continue reading

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Willett 2yo, ~2015, Family Estate Bottled Small Batch Rye, 54.8%

This bottling, which I bought in 2014 is finally empty. I opened it ages ago, and then it got forgotten. As in, it just sat there on the shelf waiting to be tasted, reviewed and emptied. A recent sample request … Continue reading

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed, 58.4%

There are a million different versions of this, based on their bottle-code. Apart from identifying which specific version you have, which is mostly important for geeks like me, this should be of no importance. Wild Turkey are quite skilled in … Continue reading

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Four Roses 12, 55.7%, Limited Edition Small Batch 2020

Every year a batch of this limited edition is released, and every year they’re rather popular. At least, that used to be the case. For some reason, the 2020 edition that came out last year didn’t do too much initially. … Continue reading

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Maker’s Mark 101, 50.5%

Yet another totally random sample from my shelf which I poured. Of course, on the nose there’s the typical bourbon giveaway, but before smelling it, I didn’t even know what type of whisky I was going to get. Maker’s Mark … Continue reading

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Kentucky Owl Confiscated and Wise Man’s Bourbon

When lightly following The Bourbon Junkies on Youtube, you hear Kentucky Owl mentioned occasionally. Of course, that normally means that there’s something rather available in the USA that will never reach retail markets in Europe, unless you’re willing to shell … Continue reading

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Heaven Hill 2005-2015, Bourbon Barrel MoS15042, 52.1% – Malts of Scotland

I always thing it’s funny when a brand like ‘Malts of Scotland’ releases a whisky that’s neither a malt, nor from Scotland. Of course, with all the Irish stuff and American releases that are coming out from bottlers, this happens … Continue reading

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