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A Speyside Distillery 12, 2008-2021, 48% – The Single Malts of Scotland

So, even though it’s not mentioned anywhere on the bottle, it’s pretty common knowledge that this is a Macallan. Or at least, that’s what everyone thinks and how it is marketed. Last year I went to pick up some stuff … Continue reading

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Skara Brae 16, 2005-2021, Bourbon cask 22, 57% – Cooper’s Choice

Skara Brae automatically involved the islands of Orkney, even if it wasn’t mentioned on the label. It’s the 4000 year old settlement uncovered on the ‘mainland’ of Orkney. And with this being an undisclosed Orkney whisky, we can safely state … Continue reading


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A Speyside Distillery 16, 2006-2022, Sherry finish, 52.1% – Thompson Brothers

With the Thompson Brothers opening up a bottle shop in Dornoch, I am really hoping things pan out and I am able to visit the place at the end of October. A small trip to that part of Scotland is … Continue reading

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A Secret Islay Distillery 8yo, 2013-2021, PX Hogshead, 53.3% – Wu Dram Clan

The new year has only just begun (although a sixth has already passed) and Wu Dram Clan is on a roll again. Two grain whiskies and two single malts, the latter two from Islay. I decided to get a bottle … Continue reading

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Secret Orkney 20yo, 1999-2020, Hogshead, 52.7% – Boogieman Import

Yes, this is Highland Park. They all are. This bottling was released some two or three months ago by Stefan van der Boog (BOOGieman), from Passie voor Whisky. And as I do when new and sort-of affordably Highland Parks are … Continue reading

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Irish Single Malt, 14yo, 2000-2015, 51.5% – The Nectar of the Daily Drams

The older sister of the Irish whiskey I reviewed yesterday. Another undisclosed whiskey from the emerald isle, two years older than the earlier one and priced at a similar level. I believe yesterday’s bottle initially set me back 60 bucks, … Continue reading

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Two new bottle-shares

At some point I promised my wife that I’d stop doing bottle-shares for a while. I suck at keeping promises like that. Here’s another two: Irish single malts Irish Single Malt, 12yo, The Nectar of the Daily Drams, 52.9% Irish … Continue reading

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Prometheus 26 year old Speyside Scotch Whisky, 47% – The Glasgow Distillery Co.

Prometheus is a whisky release from the Glasgow Distillery Company, which is still building its distillery. In a way this is a rebuilding project since there already was a Glasgow Distillery Co. which closed its doors in 1903. By the timing … Continue reading

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Kildalton 2007, 54.4% – Archives (Fishes of Samoa)

One of the side effects of ordering at Whiskybase is that they generally and generously toss in a couple of wee samples of their Archives range. This means some new things to taste every once in a while, from a … Continue reading

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The Reference Series, part 1. By Master of Malt

Master of Malt came up with yet another clever plot to extract money from us whisky lovers. This time they call it ‘The Reference Series‘ and market it as being educational. While I am always up to expand my knowledge … Continue reading

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