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Ben Nevis 17, 1998-2016, PX Sherry Cask Finish, 46% – Alba Import

So, Ben Nevis from 1995 and 1996 is considered to be among the best there is, currently. In a way that makes it easy to focus on something, but you can also investigate if there’s such a big difference with … Continue reading

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Lochside 23, 1981-2005, Port Hogshead, 56.7% – Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection

Every time I review a Lochside whisky I expect it to be the last. I might have to get some more samples from Teun before it’s too late! This one didn’t come from Teun though, but from Jason B. Standing. … Continue reading

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Old Pulteney 15, 1997-2013, Bourbon Cask 1077, 58.3% – Hand Bottled at the Distillery

Even though I went to visit Old Pulteney in October, and bottled two bottles when I was there, I’m reviewing a different one. This one was bottled by Thijs (of Words of Whisky fame), all these years ago and has … Continue reading

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Balblair 8, 2012-2021, Refill Sherry Hogshead 3237, 57.3% – Kintra Whisky

Kintra used to be a rather well known Dutch bottler. Well known amongst whisky geeks that is, but still. But, and it’s anything but illogical, Erik Molenaar has been focusing on his Wagging Finger distillery in Deventer ever since that … Continue reading

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Ardmore 24, 1997-2022, Hogshead 901451, 49.6% – WhiskyNerds

There’s a few bottlers out there that get me all excited when a new release is announced. I guess the main two of those are WhiskyNerds and Wu Dram Clan. And yes, they are both doing more or less the … Continue reading

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Clynelish 17, 1997-2014, Hogshead, 46% – Wemyss

This whisky is called ‘Sweet and Sour Chutney’. I like Clynelish, and I like Indian food. Sounds good to me! What also helps is that this line of whiskies from Wemyss is generally pretty good, and 1997 was an exceptional … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 24, 1996-2021, Hogshead 1535, 51.5% – Single Malts of Scotland for Royal Mile Whiskies

Ooooooh! 1996 Ben Nevis! Yeah, it’s one of those reviews where you see a good distillery, with a good vintage, from a good bottler. You know you’re in for a treat. Then again, that raises the bar at the same … Continue reading

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Glencadam 1990-2011, 56.6% – Berry Bros & Rudd

Glencadam is, to me at least, one of those distilleries that you’ve tried every now and then, but have never really focused on in one way or another. As in, years ago I tried their official 15 year old and … Continue reading

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Ardmore 21, 1998-2019, Bourbon Hogshead 750802, 51.7% – A.D. Rattray

I guess I must admit, at least to myself, that I am an Ardmore fan. Over the last couple of years, I’ve gone through quite a few bottles and even when I don’t buy anything for a little while I … Continue reading

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Blair Athol 13, bottled 2022, 56.2% – Hand filled at the distillery

A friend of mine gave me a sample of this a little while ago. Last year he visited the distillery on a family holiday to Scotland, if I recall correctly. This cask was available and although it officially doesn’t have … Continue reading

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