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Bruichladdich Islay Barley 7, 2011-2019, 50%

Before you start nagging, this whisky indeed states that it’s six years old. But, being distilled in 2011 and bottled in 2019, it can only be 6 years old if they kept it in plastic, steel or glass for a … Continue reading

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Laphroaig 15, 1999-2015, Refill Hogshead, 50.2% – Sansibar for Van der Boog (Bare Knuckle Fighter)

Whisky-friend and Longmorn Brother GvB came by to pick up some samples, and generally we swap a few samples more when that happens. He brought this bottle for me to try a sip of, at which point I started wondering … Continue reading

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Laphroaig 21, 1987-2009, Refill Hogshead DL 4855, 50% – Old Malt Cask

Even though this is an older Laphroaig in two ways, both well aged and from quite some years ago, my mate TvE shared it at a very acceptable price. I didn’t have to think for long to decide whether to … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Scorch, Limited Edition 2021, 46%

Since you’re reading this blog, you probably have a passing interest in whisky. If you have, you probably know that Ardbeg releases an annual special edition. In yonder year, one could order the bottles straight from the distillery and you’d … Continue reading

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Caol Ila 10, 2011-2021, 56.2% – First Cask by WIN

To my surprise Ralfy reviewed this Caol Ila recently, and gave it a raving review. The surprise wasn’t in the raving review, but in the fact that he managed to get hold of a bottle of whisky that has been … Continue reading

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Bowmore 17, 2002-2020, 1st Fill Oloroso Hogshead TWB1010, 54.6% – The Whisky Barrel

I have no idea how someone would come up to bottle a cask of Islay whisky to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the moonlanding, but I’m glad they did. With this being a 2002 vintage, I think this is more-or-less … Continue reading

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Secret Islay 2007-2021, 14yo, Monbazillac Cask, 51.7% – Michiel Wigman, They Inspired II

Just to clear some things up, Monbazillac is a French dessert wine, a sweet wine not unlike Sauternes or Muscat. As proven by Caol Ila’s Distiller’s Edition, this works quite well, generally. This Secret Islay is truly secret, Michiel Wigman … Continue reading

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Guest post: Taking a swing at the Laggan Mill (with Offerman)

When cleaning out some ‘flagged’ emails from my mailbox I realized I still have some unpublished stuff from Tom van Engelen, waiting for release on this wee blog. So, this time (or actually, last summer) Tom wrote some stuff about … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Perpetuum, 200th Anniversary, 47.4%

It was about 5 years ago that a lot of distilleries on the south coast of Islay celebrated their bicentennial. And by a lot I mean all three of them. Lagavulin released their 8 year old which I thought was … Continue reading

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Bowmore Tempest II, 10yo, First Fill Bourbon casks, 56%

It’s no secret that I love Bowmore. It’s one of those distilleries that I enjoy from the young to the old releases, although most older releases are way out of my league. What I also love(d) are the series they … Continue reading

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