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BenRiach ‘The Smoky Ten’, Bourbon & Rum & Virgin Oak Casks, 46%

Because it is not enough to have a regular bottling and a smoky version of that bottling. You also need to use every cask under the sun when doing so. Of course, there are far more types of casks available … Continue reading

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Ardmore 8, 2011-2020, Rum Barrel Finish, 59% – King Cask

It’s not overly complicated to get me enthusiastic about whisky. That’s true in general, but for some distilleries it’s a bit more than usual. Ardmore is one of those distilleries, especially if not too much weirdness has been done to … Continue reading

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Springbank 11, 2011-2022, Local Barley, 55.1%

With it being Liberation Day in the Netherlands, I decided to liberate the last of my sample of this from its bottle. I was lucky enough to do a bottle-share with this, after winning a ballot for it at AceDrinks. … Continue reading

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Teeling 23, 1998-2022, Rum Cask 100040, 49.3% – Hand-Filled at the Distillery

Hot on the heels of Michiel Wigman’s Teeling single cask there is another one. My friend Tom van Engelen visited Dublin recently, and brought back this single cask from the distillery. A rum cask, of no less than 23 years … Continue reading

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Taking Flight with the Springbank Stallions

Steady contributor Tom went to Campbeltown in January, and of course, he did a nice write-up for us/you/me! Let’s see what this tasting is about, in which they tasted the first sixteen (!) Society bottlings! Bram van Glabbeek of WhiskyNerds … Continue reading

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Milk & Honey 3, 60.7% – OB for Maltstock 2022

So, no further info in the title, because it would have gotten too long: Also, the vintages are either 2018 (the rum and bourbon casks) and 2019 (the STR casks), so it is technically 3 years old. And, in case … Continue reading

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Springbank 28, 48.2% – Springbank Society

That things haven’t been going to plan, hope or expectation for a while needs no explanation. The same is true for Springbank Distillery, and their planned open day. Add to that that they always select some to-be-bottled single casks for … Continue reading

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Linkwood 11, 2009-2021, Rum Cask Finish, 58.2% – King Cask

So this, in a way, is a weird one. I know that the cask was transported out of Scotland and into/onto Terschelling, one of the Dutch islands in the north of the country. It was recasked there in a rum … Continue reading

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Springbank 17, 2002-2020, Rum/Bourbon finished in Madeira, 47.8%

Let’s make recipes more complicated than necessary, shall we? This whisky matured for 14 years in Bourbon and Rum barrels, to be finished for three years in a fresh Madeira cask. All 9200 bottles were released last year and it … Continue reading

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Back to basics with Glenfiddich

Sometimes you have to recalibrate your palate. All these bloggers tasting all kinds of exclusive whiskies, you can lose track of what the current standard is. We call stuff ‘good’, but what do we compare things to? Some tasters do … Continue reading

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