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Balcones Single Malt, 53%

Apart from the Rumble I also found a sizable sample of their Single Malt. I have no idea how their batch numbers work, but this one states “Sm12-10/2012-12-13”. This could mean several things, depending on whether the 12-10 means December … Continue reading

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Balcones Rumble, 47%

By going through my samples last week or so, I found some tiny vials of golden liquid that I had completely forgotten about. This Balcones Rumble was one of them, which is a shame. Not only because there might be … Continue reading

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Balcones True Blue TB-12-6, 58%

I’ve tried Balcones’ True Blue whiskey before, about 2 years ago. Back then I wasn’t thrilled but at least it was better than the Baby Blue. I don’t think the sample has been finished and it might just be sitting … Continue reading

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A new Bottle-share!

A new bottle share of American whiskies, to be precise. Over the last couple of weeks Master of Malt have been stocking up on choice American Spirits that I really would like to taste. I can only imagine this thought … Continue reading

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Balcones Brimstone

Another Balcones. A very rare brand of booze indeed. I think the only places to get it in Europe are The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt. I tasted their True Blue and Baby Blue before. I didn’t really enjoy … Continue reading

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2 Balcones whiskies

Balcones is a small distillery in Waco, Texas. It is the only distillery in Texas, which feels a bit weird for such a large state. Its also believed to be the only distillery distilling a blue corn mash. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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