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Rutte Cask Strength Genever, made for Michiel Wigman

A little while ago Michiel Wigman sent over a couple of samples of his latest bottlings, and in that package were these two samples of Dutch Genever. Myriam Hendrickx, the distillery manager at Rutte Distillery created these two different Genevers … Continue reading

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French Brandy 28, 1993-2022, 47% – Michiel Wiman, Precious Moments

The Precious Moments series is one of many series that Michiel Wigman has running at the moment. At least, if some things turn out to be series. Anyway, ‘Precious Moments’ is and after last year’s (yet to be reviewed) Caroni, … Continue reading

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Two French spirits, a young Fine and an old Armagnac

These French spirits seem on the up and up, on my blog. I know last year saw more French stuff reviewed than ever before. And although I already quite liked Armagnac, I never expected the depth and breadth of Cognac … Continue reading

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2 Brand New Cognacs: KIRSCH

Last week there was an unexpected delivery of some Cognacs. A personalized letter came with it, but no sender was stated. I had to do a tiny bit of digging in my ‘network’ to find out it came from Kirsch … Continue reading

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Three Gins from Saint George Spirits

I should post this tomorrow, since it would be ten years to the day since I got myself these three little gins. But I won’t. So, ALMOST a decade ago I was vacationing in the USA and we decided to … Continue reading

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Vallein Tercinier 53 years old, 1967, 47% – Wu Dram Clan

Again, it seems Wu Dram is forever. Or at least for 53 years now. I’ve never had much Cognac before. I tried some Armagnacs and my father-in-law had me try some Cognac in the past, but I never got into … Continue reading

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Or, if we’d split up the words: Absinthe and Sinterklaas. Which is just clever wordplay if Sinterklaas means anything to you. Anyway, I’ve been planning to do this post with the janky title for some years now, but there was … Continue reading

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Cherry Spirit, 2003-2012, 51.9% – Beacon Spirits

Beacon Spirits is a new Belgian bottler of apparently not just whisky. This Cherry Spirit is not a typo for sherry, but an actual cherry brandy from Germany. It matured on oak casks for nine years so it’s far beyond … Continue reading

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Benevá Añejo Mezcal, 38%

The second totally random sample from DSA’s array of niceness. That this was a Mezcal was something that was rather clear from the beginning, although the oak aging bit masked the normally stand out scents quite a bit. I know … Continue reading

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Armagnac bottle share: Saint Christeau from Distillerie Gilbert Miclo

So, while we’re at it, I was talking about getting interested in other boozes, like Armagnac and Sake. I have yet to get into the Sake shtick, but I am following through with that Armagnac bottle share. I know of a … Continue reading

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