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Some goodies from Springbank

Springbank has long been one of my favorite (if not the favorite) distilleries in Scotland. I really liked them early on in my ‘whisky journey’, but especially since I visited the place in 2010 with my wife, I’ve been hooked. … Continue reading

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Springbank 1969-2004, 35yo, 58.5% – Adelphi

Last week I finally got in the bottles for the most recent bottles share of The Whisky Agency. A nice Blair Athol, Allt-a-Bhainne and a blended malt which was released for Maltstock last year. Also in the box were two … Continue reading

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My whisky of the year

I love end of year lists. Mostly reading them, because it sifts a lot of the corn from the chaff. It means cutting 200-odd posts from every blog with just the top of that annum. There’s always this division between … Continue reading

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Longrow 2001-2015, 13yo, Chardonnay Cask, 56.7% – Springbank Society

I’ve been a member for the Springbank Society for about seven or eight years now, and while I did miss out on some bottles, most of them have found their way to my shelf. Most of them have also been … Continue reading

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Longrow 21, 46% – OB for the Springbank Open Day 2016

When this one was announced, I got all giddy on the inside. That was slightly lessened by the price of a bottle, but I still was enthusiastic about it. A 21 year old Longrow. There’s only ever been one Longrow … Continue reading

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Springbank Local Barley, 16yo, 54.3%

Ah, Springbank Local Barley. I think I have tasted two of the 1965/1966 ones and those were some of the best whiskies I’ve ever had. Now there’s a new one, although there have been some releases for the Springbank Society … Continue reading

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Glen Scotia 1991-2013, 46% – Wemyss Malts (Merchant’s Mahogany Chest)

I think Wemyss has taken lessons from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society based on how they name their whiskies. This ‘Merchant’s Mahogany Chest’ has a name based on the flavor of the whisky. So, I expect deep and woody flavors … Continue reading

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