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Strathmill 31, 1975, Côtes du Rhône Wine Cask, 42.3% – Creative Whisky Company

This bottling from a decade and a half ago comes from the Creative Whisky Company, then run by David Stirk. Since it’s been sold there have been no bottlings as far as I know. Strathmill is one of those distilleries … Continue reading

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Arran 13, Peated Pinot Noir Cask, 56% – OB for The Netherlands

Look at me reviewing a recent release of which I wasn’t sent a sample! That never happens! Anyway, this one popped up a few weeks ago on the shelves of Dutch whisky shops. It stood out because it being a … Continue reading

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Blair Athol 13, bottled 2022, 56.2% – Hand filled at the distillery

A friend of mine gave me a sample of this a little while ago. Last year he visited the distillery on a family holiday to Scotland, if I recall correctly. This cask was available and although it officially doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Kilkerran 8, 2007-2015, Barolo Wine Cask, 61% – OB for Belgium

Another one of these random samples from the sample cupboard. I have no idea where it came from, but it’s an interesting one so I’m not going to feel bad about that for too long! It’s been a while since … Continue reading

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Blair Athol 10, 2011-2021, 3 Red Wine Barriques, 50% – Uncharted Whisky Co.

I know where I got a sample of this, but I can’t for the life of me remember why. As in, I like Blair Athol well enough, but why on earth would I spend money (if I did) on a … Continue reading

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Milk & Honey 3, 60.7% – OB for Maltstock 2022

So, no further info in the title, because it would have gotten too long: Also, the vintages are either 2018 (the rum and bourbon casks) and 2019 (the STR casks), so it is technically 3 years old. And, in case … Continue reading

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Lindores Abbey Distillery

Or at least, their whisky. I visited the place in spring, at which point a sizeable bottle share with a tasting to accompany said share could not not happen. Of course, writing actual tasting notes for the drams themselves takes … Continue reading

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2 Starwards from ‘private’ casks

Private between quotation marks because even though one of them is a real private cask, the other one is a bottling done for ‘The Netherlands’. While that is fairly limited in availability, it’s not really private. Anyway, Starward Distillery, from … Continue reading

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Kavalan 5, 2015-2021, Vinho Barrique, 55.6% – OB for The Netherlands

Somehow, whenever a Kavalan becomes available my ears peak up. I am not entirely sure why, because I’m not even that big a fan of the brand. There have been some true beauties from the Taiwanese distillery, but especially their … Continue reading

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Ardnamurchan AD/04:21, Paul Launois Release, 57.6%

With me trying to get my bearing and reshuffling priorities between working in an actual office, and not spending a coffee break writing a blog post, being back from a short trip to Scotland and spending some evenings with the … Continue reading

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