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Eddu Gold, 2021 release, 43%

Eddu is a release frmo Distillerie des Menhirs in Brittany, France. Brittany is a bit like the England-part of France, so it’s not too surprising that they lean towards their northern neighbours for boozy inspiration. Brittany has quite some whisky … Continue reading

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Amrut Triparva, Batch 1, 50%

Also during lockdown, as with many other fairly random bottles in my collection, I bought this one for a tasting. Triple distilled Amrut, at a decent ABV. Not generally something I would shell out a hundred bucks for, but Amrut … Continue reading

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Millstone 8, 49.5% – OB for Liquid Gold

Talking about random samples from the shelf! This one, of an eight year old Millstone had been on my shelf for years, and it was released years before that. On Whiskybase it was added in 2010, but there’s no telling … Continue reading

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Wagging Finger ‘Gileanne’ 3, 2019-2022, 60.1% – BYOB-C

The very first ever release of Wagging Finger Whisky! The Dutch distillery, run in Deventer by Erik Molenaar has been around for a few years and started out by making gin. A couple of years ago whisky was added to … Continue reading

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2 Starwards from ‘private’ casks

Private between quotation marks because even though one of them is a real private cask, the other one is a bottling done for ‘The Netherlands’. While that is fairly limited in availability, it’s not really private. Anyway, Starward Distillery, from … Continue reading

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Kyrö Distillery, a triptych

Imagine a bunch of sweaty, middle-aged men sitting in a sauna with a dram. I am not one for saunas, but I can imagine the banter happening, and the idea of making ones own whisky isn’t too far fetched. To … Continue reading

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2 Kavalan from sherry casks

If you like heavily sherry’d whiskies and are willing to shell out at least a little bit, you probably are familiar with Kavalan. A Taiwanese distillery whose whiskies have won every award there is to win, unless it’s region specific … Continue reading

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The Nordic Casks #1, Berry Bros. & Rudd

A little while ago, ‘The Nordic Casks’ were released by London bottler Berry Bros. & Rudd. The Nordic Casks is a set of four different whiskies from, you’d never guess, the Nordics. Single cask bottlings from a distillery in Norway, … Continue reading

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Nantou Omar, Sherry Cask, 46%

A few years ago I tried both the Omar Sherry Cask and the Bourbon Cask at a whisky festival and I remember being positively surprised by them. So when this one popped up in a random webshop-browsing-session I decided to … Continue reading

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On new whisky, and Chateau du Breuil

Chateau du Breuil is a rather well known distiller of Calvados. They’re known for their iconic bottles, but also for adding some pear to the apple brandy. A few years ago they made their foray into distilling whisky. I completely … Continue reading

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