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Cooley 20, 2002-2022, Barrel 2215, 57.1% – Whiskybase

For every 10,000 bottles added to Whiskybase, they try to release a single cask whisky. Most of them are very interesting and rather decently priced. This one, bottled for the 200,000th addition, was a bit on the expensive side of … Continue reading

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Teeling 15, 2006-2022, Amburana Hardwood Cask 6210, 57.8% – OB for The Duchess

When this came out the thing I first did was look up what the rulings and regulations for Irish Whiskey are. Amburana is, as you might have guessed, not oak. It’s a Brazilian kind of hardwood not often used for … Continue reading

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World Whisky Tasting: Ireland 2021, by De Whiskykoning

Contrary to regular years, in which I visited the shop in Den Bosch regularly for tastings, I now visit the shop semi-regularly to pick up tastings. As in, samples, for later tasting. I generally get a sample pack of each … Continue reading

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Redbreast 12, 40% – OB from Bow Street Distillery

In 1971 Bow Street distillery stopped producing. Redbreast didn’t disappear forever, of course. It just stopped being produces for a while. In the mid-90s the brand was relaunched with production of the whiskey happening at Midleton Distillery in County Cork. … Continue reading


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Athrú Whiskey, three of them

What Whiskey? Athrú, pronounced Ah-roo. From Ireland. I never heard from them, and after looking things up it still is quite mysterious. It’s an Irish whiskey brand, currently bottling whiskey they bought from other distilleries, but also creating their own … Continue reading

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Waterford Hook Head 1.1, 3yo, 50%

I’ve not done the tally, but it feels like Waterford has released whisky from about 300 different farms in Ireland in the last year or so. I understand they’re going for terroir, and you need to be able to compare … Continue reading

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Dingle Single Malt, 46.3%

Yesterday a new Irish Single Malt whiskey was released by Dingle. It’s their first core whiskey, and therefore they released it with the hashtag #heretostay. There have been Dingle Single Malts before (Dingle Malt?) but those were batched released instead … Continue reading

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Writer’s Tears, Mizunara Cask Finish, 55%

To continue with the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration I decided to try my part of the bottle-share of this Writer’s Tears release. I don’t have too much experience with the brand, but I do remember having a previous cask strength … Continue reading

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Redbreast 21 (2019 release), 46%

As far as excuses to have a drink go, it being Saint Patrick’s Day is a very good one. Of course, that meant I had to have some Irish whiskey. Luckily, I have some lying around. Interestingly, I remembered the … Continue reading

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Lichtburg, 15 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, 2005-2020, Armagnac Cask 2003, 57.5% – Rolf Kaspar

Of course, this an independent Irish whiskey without it stating from which distillery it comes. There’s a bit too much other information on the label though. It’s called Lichtburg for some arbitrary reason. It’s also labeled both as ‘Marika Single … Continue reading

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