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Ben Nevis 1996-2017, 20yo, 46% – Edinburgh Whisky Ltd.

When I started drinking whisky, Ben Nevis was one of those distillery that just ‘existed’. Nobody cared about them, and most of what came from the distillery was either a cheap blend, or pretty shit (or both). Of course, sometimes … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 21, 47.5% – The Whisky Show Exclusive (Past Future)

Past Future obviously sounds weird. This is the first of a triptych by, I want to say, The Whisky Exchange. But it’s bottled for The Whisky Show of last weekend. Bottled by Speciality Drinks or Elixir Distillers. I’ve lost track … Continue reading

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Glenlochy 1977-1996, 18yo, 60.5% – Cadenhead’s

On Whiskybase there’s a remark for this whisky that it was sold in auction in 2015. Don’t I know it! I finally managed to get my hands on an old Glenlochy! It’s one from Cadenhead’s from two decades ago, so … Continue reading

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Blind Tasting Competition Day 4: Ben Nevis 18, 1995-2013, 51.8% – The Whisky Agency

After yesterday’s disappointing zero-pointer I had to put in another semi-random guess. I waited with today’s distillery selection until after the results, but since I tasted the whisky on Monday I wasn’t overly sharp on specifics anymore. Apparently, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Glenlochy 27yo, 1980-2007, 54.8% – Duncan Taylor, Rarest of the Rare

Another sample I traded with whisky buddy Martin. Another one to open my eyes to my own mistakes. Strangely enough, I just read a post by ‘My Annoying Opinions’ on regretting not buying better whisky when it was still available. … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 16yo, 1997-2013, 55% – Abbey Whisky’s Rare Casks

I’m not sure what it is with Ben Nevis. I haven’t tasted many of them and I only ‘almost visited’ the distillery. The ones I’ve tasted weren’t even all good with some truly horrendous whisky in the mix. Still, I … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 25yo, 1984, Cask 98/35/12, 54%

I usually try to find excuses to buy whisky. Generally I also try to celebrate the little things, just to get a little bit more joy out of things that would otherwise go barely noticed. Of course, some things warrant … Continue reading

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