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Ben Nevis 5, 2015-2020, First Fill Oloroso Cask 10715, 58.9% – Adelphi for Whisky Import Nederland

When there’s a label from a respected bottler like Adelphi stating that the contents are Ben Nevis, the bottles tend to fly off the shelves. In this case that might have gone even faster since it’s a split cask, for … Continue reading

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Breath of the Isles 14, 1993-2007, Refill Hogshead 3746, 57% – Adelphi

Of course, this is an undisclosed single malt whisky. Adelphi has (or used to have) a slew of them in the ‘Breath of…’ series. Islay, Speyside, the Highlands. The only two regions not covered are the Lowlands and Campbeltown, for … Continue reading

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Longmorn 17, 1992-2010, 1st Fill Bourbon Cask 48431, 53.6% – Adelphi

With a friend of mine being one of the Longmorn Brothers, it’s no surprise that I occasionally find a sample of the distillery’s whisky on my shelf. And for some reason, Longmorn generally comes from samples. I can’t remember if … Continue reading

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Bowmore 20, 1997-2018, Refill Sherry cask 2414, 56.3% – Adelphi

Adelphi still is a bottler that generally puts out high quality whiskies. I do think success is not as guaranteed as it was a decade ago, but they’re still way above average. Of course, prices are way above average too, … Continue reading

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Ardnamurchan Release 3, AD/04.21:03, 46.8%

The third release of Ardnamurchan was released last week. In the Netherlands at least. Of course, the shops that had it first sold out instantly, and by the end of the week the rush was already over and it’s available … Continue reading

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Ardnamurchan Batch 1 and 2!

Last September the first official release of Ardnamurchan happened. And if you’ve never been to a whisky festival between 2017 and early 2020, you might have never tasted their spirit either. It’s quite the anticipated distillery, since Adelphi, who runs/owns/built … Continue reading

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Adelphi / Whisky Import Nederland Virtual Tasting

Last Friday I participated in the first virtual tasting for Adelphi and Whisky Import Nederland. The tasting was hosted by the Dutch importer and joined by Alex Bruce and Connal Mackenzie from Adelphi. We tried five different drams, four ‘whiskies’ … Continue reading

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Bowmore 1995-2012, 16yo, 54.4% – Adelphi

If there are any regulars and they’ve read some earlier posts on Bowmores from the mid-nineties, they probably know I really love these vintages. 1993 is always the much laureled vintage, but I generally prefer 1995 and 1996 for a … Continue reading

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Mortlach 1993-2018, 56.1% – Adelphi

It’s been both a slow and a busy week here. Not many posts in the last week or so, mostly because I’ve been quite busy, or so tired from being busy that blogging was far from the first time on … Continue reading

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Glenallachie 10, 2007-2017, 64.7% – Adelphi

This sample is a fairly random one I found in my collection after ordering something from Dramtime.nl. Also, it is only the second Glenallachie from Adelphi ever, according to Whiskybase. I find that kind of surprising, but I guess that … Continue reading

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