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Longrow 15, Oloroso Hogsheads, 56.2% – Open Day 2022

I’m glad this one only had a Whiskybase number on the side of the bottle instead of a full label. That would have caused much more anticipation and maybe would have been suggestive in to what to expect. Of course, … Continue reading

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Blair Athol 13, bottled 2022, 56.2% – Hand filled at the distillery

A friend of mine gave me a sample of this a little while ago. Last year he visited the distillery on a family holiday to Scotland, if I recall correctly. This cask was available and although it officially doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Tomatin 12, 2006-2019, Oloroso cask 2842, 58.5% – Distillery Exclusive

My friend Tom, who goes by Tomatin on any media that is whisky focused, did a wee bottle share of this a while ago. A Tomatin that worked really well for him up to a level that he wants a … Continue reading

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GlenDronach 1993-2012, Sherry Butt 1616, 59.2% – Hand-filled at the distillery

Unfortunately, this wasn’t hand-filled by me, but by whisky buddy SJ. He opened a bottle recently and was kind enough to give me a sample of it. I didn’t wait too long before tasting it, because it looked so gorgeous. … Continue reading

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The Alrik, 1st Fill European Oak Sherry Quarter Cask L1972, 56.5% – Distillery Exclusive

Well, this one takes a bit of explanation. Let’s start with where it’s from. If you look this bottle up on Whiskybase, it states that The Alrik is made by Hercynian Distilling Co. / Hammerschmiede. Then, if you check that … Continue reading

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The Singleton of Glen Ord 11yo, 2008-2019, 54.8% – Distillery Only / Highland Whisky Festival

I got this sample in Jon Beach’s Advent Calendar, which I only started drinking this week, and only got in between Christmas and New Year’s. As usual, late to the party… Anyway, my good friend JPH (aka Shrek) and I … Continue reading

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Longrow 18, 1999-2018, 52.9% – OB from the Cage

Longrow, the ‘peated-to-Islay-levels’ version of Springbank with a slightly shorter distillation regime, is one of their three brands. With it being a Springbank whisky, it means they have cage bottles available at the shop in Campbeltown. When I was there … Continue reading

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Glen Scotia 2005-2017, 58.2% – Distillery Only

This bottle I picked up after the awesome tour and tasting at the distillery almost two years ago. I then got home and saw my credit card bill and decided to bottle-share a significant part of the haul from Scotland, … Continue reading

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Glen Scotia 15yo, 2001, Mashman’s Reserve, 58.2% – Distillery Only

As with most Distillery Only bottlings, you actually have to go to the distillery to pick it up. Which is yet another good reason to visit such a little piece of heaven on earth. I picked this one up at … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich 2003-2018, Syrah Cask, 63.3% – Valinch 33

Last year on April 5th I would have sworn I’d never buy a Bruichladdich wine cask ever again. I’ve had some in the past and they were pretty shit. Then, in the week after I went to Islay and we … Continue reading

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