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GlenDronach 1993-2012, Sherry Butt 1616, 59.2% – Hand-filled at the distillery

Unfortunately, this wasn’t hand-filled by me, but by whisky buddy SJ. He opened a bottle recently and was kind enough to give me a sample of it. I didn’t wait too long before tasting it, because it looked so gorgeous. … Continue reading

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Uitvlugt 27, 1993-2020, Refill Bourbon cask 5, 50.1% – The Duchess

A little while ago I got another awesome rum sample from Best of Wines, but I waited a little while to sit down for it and give it the attention it deserves. It’s another one in The Duchess’ Hummingbird series … Continue reading

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Blended Malt, 1993-2017, Ex-Sherry Hogshead 17, 53.6% – The Thompson Bros.

Yet another whisky from the Fiddler’s Advent Calendar. And a bottling from the yet-to-be-visited Thompson Brothers. As in, I still need to visit the Dornoch Castle Hotel and its whisky bar. Of course, with this being a blended malt, there’s … Continue reading

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Early Landed, Late Bottled Brandy, 1993-2020, 51.9% – Thompson Bros. for The Netherlands

There’s a lot to digest in the title alone. First of all, it’s a bottling for The Netherlands. While I’m quite up to date on most things whisky, I’m not sure if specific bottlings like this have been done before, … Continue reading

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Secret Speyside 1993-2020, 47.7% – Michiel Wigman

The fourth (or third, depending on how you look at it) of Michiel Wigman’s own whisky bottlings. Anyway, it was part of the second batch of two whiskies. Another of these secret distilleries that are so popular currently, with every … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich 25, 1993-2018, 49.3 – Cadenhead’s for NL

Bruichladdich is one of those distilleries that I really, really like. However, I do recognize that the whisky distilled around its closing date in 1993. This must have been distilled in the last few months of it being open, before … Continue reading

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Ardbeg 1993-2003, 52.9% – Spirit of Scotland for Potstill Vienna

Yet another random sample I found on my shelf. Ardbeg 1993 caught my eye since that’s a vintage that’s becoming insanely expensive nowadays. Of course, the label was lacking any other information, so I had absolutely no clue to the … Continue reading

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Mortlach 1993-2018, 56.1% – Adelphi

It’s been both a slow and a busy week here. Not many posts in the last week or so, mostly because I’ve been quite busy, or so tired from being busy that blogging was far from the first time on … Continue reading

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Glen Grant 25, 1993-2018, 50.8% – Cadenhead’s Club

With most clubs associated with distilleries or bottlers you wonder what it’s for. In a lot of cases it is barely more than a  quarterly newsletter and some ‘exclusive’ section of their website that barely offers any added value. Of … Continue reading

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Cadenhead’s bottle-share

Towards the end of last October I did yet another ‘last’ bottle share of the year. The last one because I had been stressing my wallet, and everyone else’s in my sharing group. Of course, that wasn’t true and I … Continue reading

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