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Talisker 8 and 11, the Special Releases from 2021 and 2022

I kind of like Talisker. Always have, probably always will. However, I don’t like ‘everything’ Talisker. As in, their NAS releases, Storm, Dark Storm, Port Ruighe, Skye and probably some others that I can’t remember from the top of my … Continue reading

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4x Talisker 10, bottlings from 1988, 2004, 2016 and 2021

In 2021 I found a guy on the internet that was selling sample sets of Talisker 10. Nothing too spectacular, except for the wide range of vintages he was selling them from. Of course I got a set, and then … Continue reading

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Talisker 25, 2006 release, 56.9%

I emptied this bottle a little while ago. It was a very nice thing to do because drinking whisky of this level is always a pleasure. It was also a very unfun thing to do, because it’s not something that … Continue reading

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Breath of the Isles 14, 1993-2007, Refill Hogshead 3746, 57% – Adelphi

Of course, this is an undisclosed single malt whisky. Adelphi has (or used to have) a slew of them in the ‘Breath of…’ series. Islay, Speyside, the Highlands. The only two regions not covered are the Lowlands and Campbeltown, for … Continue reading

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Torabhaig Allt Gleann, 2017+2018, Bourbon casks, 46%

Torabhaig is the second distillery on Skye, after Talisker. As in, it’s not the second distillery ever, but it is currently. It’s been operational for a few years now and early this year the initial release came out, which I … Continue reading

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Torabhaig 2017, The Legacy Series – The Inaugural Release, 46%

This has been a long awaited thing to happen. A new distillery on Skye! A few years ago when they started building the Torabhaig Distillery, they more or less instantly killed Talisker’s marketing engine of being the only distillery on … Continue reading

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Talisker 15, 57.3% – Diageo Special Releases 2019

The Diageo Special Releases are always a thing to look forward to as summer approaches. As in, that’s generally when the announcement happens or there is some marketing leak in which they releases are listed. When it happened last year, … Continue reading

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Talisker 18, 2019 release, 45.8%

When I started drinking whisky, about 15 years ago, we went straight from Glenfiddich 12 to Talisker 18 and Caol Ila 18. Let’s say I’ve never been sensible about whisky, or money. Anyway, back then this whisky made tremendous impact … Continue reading

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Houses Tyrell, Greyjoy, Lannister, and the Night’s Watch

So, rather counterintuitively, I got excited by the Game of Thrones whiskies. Generally I steer clear of those highly marketed, media tie-in things, but in this case the media tie-in is something I was rather enthusiastic about. Of course, I … Continue reading

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Peat Night 2018, at De Whiskykoning

It’s already been over a month, but a fond memory still. On the 9th of November we went all the way to Den Bosch for the annual Peat Night, orĀ ‘Turfkoekhapavond’. It was an utter disaster to get there, as is … Continue reading

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