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Isle of Raasay 3, 2017+2018-2021, Batch R-01, 46.4%

I didn’t put the cask type in the title, since there has to be something left for the post itself too. This, apparently, is a mix of rye whisky and bordeaux casks, but there are also chinkapin oak casks in … Continue reading

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Torabhaig Allt Gleann, 2017+2018, Bourbon casks, 46%

Torabhaig is the second distillery on Skye, after Talisker. As in, it’s not the second distillery ever, but it is currently. It’s been operational for a few years now and early this year the initial release came out, which I … Continue reading

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Caol Ila 3, 2018-2021, First Fill Quarter Cask, 52.1% – The Whisky Jury ‘1 Day Old’

Of course this isn’t really one day old. It’s whisky after all, and the vintage and bottling year are given. It’s more like they wanted to provoke us drinkers to indicate this is a very young whisky and challenge you … Continue reading

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