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Willett 8yo, Cask 1408, 58.8%

Willett is one of those American whiskey projects that blends products from elsewhere while they build their distillery. The big difference is that Willett has been around for ages and gathered lots of fame with their very old rye whiskeys … Continue reading

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FEW 3yo, 2013-2016, 63.4% – SMWS (B4.3 – Full Flavour Behaviour)

It struck me as kind of funny that one of the few (pun intended) American whiskeys the SMWS bottles has a name with two words that are spelled in a distinctly English way. So, I got a big share of … Continue reading

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Roughstock Montana Straight Rye Whiskey, 45%

This second Roughstock whiskey is a 100% rye whiskey from Montana. It came third in Shai’s samples and, as the rest, it wasn’t labeled. It’s labeled as a straight rye whiskey, and there’s no age statement I can discern, so … Continue reading

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Roughstock Montana Pure Malt Whiskey, 45%

So this happened. DSA, whisky buddy of mine from the USA/Israel/Austria sent me a bunch of samples with just a number on the cap. No further info was given, and knowing him it might or might not be whisk(e)y. It took … Continue reading

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Images of Bartstown, 53.2% – Malts of Scotland

Images of Bartstown is a bourbon whiskey from Malts of Scotland. What’s weird is that it’s neither a malt, nor is it from Scotland. Also, Bartstown should be Bardstown, so there’s a typo there. Since they’ve also released a whole … Continue reading

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Palm Ridge Reserve, 45%

Florida Farm Distillers is a small distillery in Umatilla, Florida. They’ve been distilling their own whiskey for a couple of years now. They’re not overly forthcoming with information and only talk about ‘making’ the whiskey on their site, not about distilling … Continue reading

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American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Favorite Spirit – Clay Risen

It’s been a while since I did a book review. I’ve been reading a lot less compared to last year. That is partially so since I generally am too tired to stay awake and read, so I watch TV instead. … Continue reading

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