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Two new rums by The Duchess

The Duchess is at it again! Rather soon after the release of their Australian Beenleigh rum, just a little while ago, they’ve just released two new bottlings! This time, Hans Dillesse painted fish instead of hummingbirds, ducks or a platypus. … Continue reading

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Hampden 8yo vs Hampden LROK

Hampden is a Jamaican rum distillery, and apart from profiting from the rum renaissance that’s been happening ever since whisky got so ridiculously expensive, they’ve been producing quality hooch for years. What’s more interesting from a geek’s perspective is that … Continue reading

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2 new Caroni, 1997 and 1998, by Wu Dram Clan!

Getting to try Caroni is, by now, the rum equivalent of getting to try a new Port Ellen or Brora, except for the fact that it’s about 10% of the price. So, when Wu Dram Clan offered to send me … Continue reading

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Beenleigh 13, 2007-2021, Cask 38, 63.4% – The Duchess

Once upon a time in the east, about 150 years ago there were a couple of farmers who bought some land in Queensland, Australia. These two Englishmen wanted to build a cotton plantation, but they didn’t. It turned out creating … Continue reading

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Two rums by The Duchess: Worthy Park (Jamaica) and Diamond (Guyana)

I’ve had these samples for a while but for some reason sitting down and reviewing them hadn’t happened yet. A shame, but let’s do a bit of catch-up! Diamond Distillery 17yo, 2003-2020, 59.3% – The Duchess (Hummingbirds) A little bit … Continue reading

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Foursquare Sagacity, 12yo, Madeira cask, 48%

I’m not following the rum industry in any way, shape or form, but it turns out they’re finishing their drinks in different casks too! This Foursquare bottling was matured in bourbon barrels first (no surprise there) before it was finished … Continue reading

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Uitvlugt 27, 1993-2020, Refill Bourbon cask 5, 50.1% – The Duchess

A little while ago I got another awesome rum sample from Best of Wines, but I waited a little while to sit down for it and give it the attention it deserves. It’s another one in The Duchess’ Hummingbird series … Continue reading

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Ten Cane 11 years old, 2008-2019, 63% – The Duchess ‘Hummingbirds’

Normally I would have been happy with a sample arriving in the mail from the rather excellent rums bottled by The Duchess. Also normally, I wouldn’t really be in the know of upcoming bottlings unless Nils announced them to me. … Continue reading

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‘Barbados Oldest’ 19 years old, 2001-2020, 54.3% – The Duchess ‘Hummingbirds’

There is only one distillery the oldest on Barbados, and that one is called Mount Gay. But, due to licensing issues The Duchess cannot put that on the label, so Barbados Oldest it is. Apparently it is not only the … Continue reading

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Rhumerie du Simon 15yo, 2004-2019, 61% – The Duchess

I decided that the summery weather warrants a summery drink, and what’s more summery than rum? Daiquiris maybe, but apart from that I can’t really think of anything. So, I picked this sample that Best of Wines recently sent me, … Continue reading

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