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Two sort-of new rums by The Duchess: Uitvlugt 27 and ‘Savannah’ 19

A while ago I got two samples from rums released late last year by The Duchess. The Dutch bottler regularly puts out awesome rums and when I got these I planned to review them soon-ish, but things happened and life … Continue reading

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Foursquare 15, 48% – Bottled for Whisky & Rum Aan Zee

It’s been a while since I sat down for a rum. I still have some that ‘need’ to be reviewed, but I’m not really in a rush. While I like the stuff, I’ve refocused on whisky since before summer and … Continue reading

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Enmore Alpha & Omega 1988/1990, casks 40, 42 and 55, 51.6% – Jack Tar

Enmore Distillery in Guyana is an interesting one. With a quite well known brand in El Dorado, they also produce some different distillates, from the range of their setups. With that I mean that they don’t have a single distilling … Continue reading

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Tres Caroni, La Lune, Limbo y Le Soleil, by Jack Tar

A new bottler announced itself a little while ago. A few years ago that would have been something quite regular, but it’s happening less and less. Probably because of a rather full market and getting hold of barrels of anything … Continue reading

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The Nectar 15 Years Tasting Box

Premise Last year my friend JPH and I bought a set of samples from Jon Beach, of Fiddler’s in Drumnadrochit. A massive splurge, but a series of great whiskies being surpassed by even better ones. This year, with Brexit being … Continue reading

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Finest Jamaican Rum, Over 25 Years Old, 50.1% – Wu Dram Clan

I guess the ‘expensive rum bug’ has bitten me too. After Michiel Wigman’s Precious Moments, which I still need to review, there’s this oldie. From an undisclosed distillery on/in Jamaica, to the Wu Dram Clan. On their Facebook page there’s … Continue reading

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Tamosi Rum, Port Cask, 55%

Somehow, I got samples of this from two people. Also, I only found out after reviewing both samples. Something about doing stuff semi-blind… With semi-blind is that I just don’t pay too much attention before pouring a sample, apart from … Continue reading

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Two new rums by The Duchess

The Duchess is at it again! Rather soon after the release of their Australian Beenleigh rum, just a little while ago, they’ve just released two new bottlings! This time, Hans Dillesse painted fish instead of hummingbirds, ducks or a platypus. … Continue reading

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Hampden 8yo vs Hampden LROK

Hampden is a Jamaican rum distillery, and apart from profiting from the rum renaissance that’s been happening ever since whisky got so ridiculously expensive, they’ve been producing quality hooch for years. What’s more interesting from a geek’s perspective is that … Continue reading

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2 new Caroni, 1997 and 1998, by Wu Dram Clan!

Getting to try Caroni is, by now, the rum equivalent of getting to try a new Port Ellen or Brora, except for the fact that it’s about 10% of the price. So, when Wu Dram Clan offered to send me … Continue reading

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