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Speyside Distillery, 1997-2018, Bourbon Hogshead, 47.8% – Malts of Scotland

Speyside as a distillery is generally a fairly nondescript thing. It exists, but you don’t see it all that often, and since it is also a region, I generally have to look thrice to actually remember whether it is an … Continue reading

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Tres Caroni, La Lune, Limbo y Le Soleil, by Jack Tar

A new bottler announced itself a little while ago. A few years ago that would have been something quite regular, but it’s happening less and less. Probably because of a rather full market and getting hold of barrels of anything … Continue reading

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Bowmore 20, 1997-2018, Refill Sherry cask 2414, 56.3% – Adelphi

Adelphi still is a bottler that generally puts out high quality whiskies. I do think success is not as guaranteed as it was a decade ago, but they’re still way above average. Of course, prices are way above average too, … Continue reading

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Glenrothes 20, 1997-2017, Sherry Butt, 50.1% – Whisky-Fässle

Around 2017 a massive parcel of Glenrothes 1997 was released to brokers, or many bottlers only responded to things being available around that time. On this blog I reviewed three of them, but there were many more. A bit of … Continue reading

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Mannochmore 20, 1997-2017, Bourbon Hogshead, 52.7% – Cadenhead

Mannochmore is, to me at least, one of those distilleries that pops up with something really good every decade or so, and then is quickly forgotten about. Just before deleting the second paragraph I decided to look down the annals … Continue reading

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2 new Caroni, 1997 and 1998, by Wu Dram Clan!

Getting to try Caroni is, by now, the rum equivalent of getting to try a new Port Ellen or Brora, except for the fact that it’s about 10% of the price. So, when Wu Dram Clan offered to send me … Continue reading

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Ardmore 21, 1997-2019, Bourbon Hogshead 901456, 49.4% – Whisky-Doris

Lately I’ve been becoming a bigger and bigger Ardmore fan, I realize. I’ve always liked peated whisky but I often find, after years of trying shitloads of drams, that the more gently smoked whiskies offer greater depth and complexity and … Continue reading

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Watt Whisky, the second wave

I’ve not really kept track of it, but as far as I am aware, the following five whiskies were the second batch of bottlings that were made available recently. An easy check of their website says the following whiskies are … Continue reading

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Allt-a-Bhainne 23yo, 1997-2020, Barrel 102589, 52.4% – WhiskyNerds

Just like yesterday’s post, this one came in a while ago but I wanted it to give it the respect, attention and nasal capacity it deserves. I find it a bold move by Bram and Floris to release an Allt-a-Bhainne. … Continue reading

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All three of these are Clynelish

It seems a new Diageo rule that Clynelish can no longer be represented on labels, since everything that has been released lately is labeled as ‘Secret Highland Distillery’. Of course that doesn’t mean all these secret highlands are Clynelish, but … Continue reading

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