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Allt-a-Bhainne 23yo, 1997-2020, Barrel 102589, 52.4% – WhiskyNerds

Just like yesterday’s post, this one came in a while ago but I wanted it to give it the respect, attention and nasal capacity it deserves. I find it a bold move by Bram and Floris to release an Allt-a-Bhainne. … Continue reading

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Ledaig 1995-2020, 24yo, 46.4% – WhiskyNerds

It seems that a lot of bottlers are getting their hands on casks of Ledaig lately. And contrary to what was happening almost a decade ago, these casks aren’t shit. There were great ones by The Whisky Kingdom/Duckhammers and The … Continue reading

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Secret Speyside 1994-2020, 26yo, 48.1% – WhiskyNerds

Little over a week ago the newest releases by WhiskyNerds were released. This time it’s a secret speyside and a Ledaig. Secret Speyside if often Glenfarclas, but as with most of these releases, a lot is based on assumption. In … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 23, 1996-2020, 46.1% – WhiskyNerds

As with practically any 1996 Ben Nevis, and any WhiskyNerds bottling, you’re in for a treat. Now when these two forces combine, expectations get incredibly high. I recently received this samples from Floris and Bram, the WhiskyNerds themselves, and I … Continue reading

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Secret Highland 1983, 35yo, 48.2% – WhiskyNerds

This second cask of the Secret Highland whiskies from the WhiskyNerds is a joint bottling with Liquid Art from Belgium. It’s a tad older than the other one, but it’s also from a much less sherry focused cask. As with … Continue reading

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Secret Highland 1987, 31yo, 49.6% – WhiskyNerds

The previous WhiskyNerds bottling was a cracking Caol Ila with a significant price tag. While the whisky was awesome, people had trouble shelling out like that, and I’ve seen the bottles discounted over the last year. The strange thing of … Continue reading

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Caol Ila 1990, 28yo, 48% – The Whisky Nerds

I always get a little excited when a new Whisky Nerds bottling is announced. So far, all they’ve bottled is about the best you can spend you booze-allocated-money on. The Lagavulin was a bit of an exception, since it was … Continue reading

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Springbank 23, 1995-2018, 48% – WhiskyNerds

It’s not been two weeks since I did the previous review of a WhiskyNerds bottling. That Lagavulin 21 was amazing, and hot on the heels of that one comes a fresh sherry matured, 23 year old Springbank. Their Lagavulin scoreed … Continue reading

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Lagavulin 1997, 21yo, 56.6% – OB for Boris, Floris, Bram, Sebastian, Ronny, Rolf

I don’t know four of the six people mentioned in the title, but the other two (Bram and Floris) are the guys behind WhiskyNerds, and fellow Usquebaugh Society club members. What I also know is that they’ve bottled some amazing … Continue reading

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Springbank 21, 1996-2017, 58.1% – Whisky Nerds

My friends Floris and Bram, to some better known as The Whisky Nerds are on a roll. Coming of the high that was their trio of great Inchmurrins, they selected another cask to release in the waning of 2017. This … Continue reading

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