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Ledaig 13, 2008-2021, PX Sherry Quarter Cask, 50% – Claxton’s Exploration Series

This Ledaig, the peated version of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, was bottled for the Netherlands, just under two years ago. Immediately upon release it started scoring really high marks, which isn’t too surprising for an affordable whisky that … Continue reading

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Glen Moray 11, 2008-2020, Refill Oloroso Puncheon, 64.9% – SMWS (‘Stirs your soul’)

Whether it stirs your soul or puts a blowtorch to it is to be seen. A whisky at 65% alcohol is not something to take lightly, and especially not as a first dram of the day. Of course, I didn’t, … Continue reading

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Bruichladdich 12, 2008-2021, Barrel 1710, 59.6% – Archives for the Whiskybase Shop

After last week’s Islay theme, I wanted to do an Archives theme this week. As in, not necessarily Archives, but things from Whiskybase, since they also release stuff under that label. I guess a transition should be done by doing … Continue reading

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Distilled at an Islay Distillery, 2008-2022, 53.9%, Wu Dram Clan Community

For some distilleries there is a great vintage. For others, there seem to be nothing but great vintages. At least, if you don’t count the entire 1980s decade. Of course, with a whisky called ‘Kilarrow Parish Church Bowmore’ as a … Continue reading

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Tomatin 14, 2008-2022, Cognac Barrique finish, 50% – Thompson Brothers

Some time ago I was talking with my in-laws about whisky. My father-in-law and both brothers-in-law are quite enthusiastic about whisky too, so we tend to end up drinking a dram and chatting about good booze quite often. In this … Continue reading

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A Speyside Distillery 12, 2008-2021, 48% – The Single Malts of Scotland

So, even though it’s not mentioned anywhere on the bottle, it’s pretty common knowledge that this is a Macallan. Or at least, that’s what everyone thinks and how it is marketed. Last year I went to pick up some stuff … Continue reading

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Glentauchers 2008-2021, Sherry cask, 52.3% – Michiel Wigman ‘They Inspired III’

Another second for Michiel Wigman, this time a Glentauchers. The previous one was a younger port cask, and this time it has a few more years, and a different maturation. Personally, I accept that there are tremendous Port casks available … Continue reading

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2x Port Charlotte 2008, Head to Head once more

After the recent Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Head to Head, I decided to give these two Port Charlotte whiskies the same treatment. Both are bottled by Dutch whisky clubs, one by 12 Barrels, one by WGM. Both are distilled in … Continue reading

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Ardmore 11, 2008-2020, Ex Laphroaig Barrel 708513, 57.1% – Archives

It’s not entirely unique, but Ardmore seems to be the distillery that uses other distilleries’ casks most. And I’m not talking about bourbon casks being used in Scotland, but Scottish single malt distilleries’ casks being reused at other single malt … Continue reading

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Strathisla 13 and Miltonduff 13 for Van Wees

Van Wees, a very well known bottle-shop and importer of various kinds of booze celebrates their 100th anniversary. Officially that happened last year but the plague got in the way of timely celebrations. So, last week they released their anniversary … Continue reading

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