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Balblair 8, 2012-2021, Sherry Cask 3232, 57.8% – Blackadder Raw Cask

This is a bottle I recently used in a tasting. I got it based on the fact that it scores ridiculously high on Whiskybase, if you know where to look. As it turns out, this is a split cask between … Continue reading

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Balblair 18, 1990-2008, Hogshead 160, 58.7% – Riegger’s Selection

Normally I would start a post like this with something like “I quite like Balblair”, but I’m not sure if that is a relevant statement anymore. I visited the distillery in 2013, and loved it. I also really like their … Continue reading

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Balblair 15, 46%

A short title if there ever was one. No weird cask mentions and no bottler. Just, the regular edition. I don’t have too many of these regular ones. Especially not Balblair since that is somehow pretty hard to get in … Continue reading

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Balblair 1999-2017, 3rd release, 46%

Recently Balblair have switched to using age statements instead of vintages. I can understand the marketing effectiveness of it, since vintages don’t really mean anything unless you also clearly state when something was bottled. This one, however, was bottled in … Continue reading

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Balblair 2002-2015, 55.1% – Handfilled at the distillery

Handfilled at the distillery, unfortunately not by myself. Balblair is a bit of a strange brand, from a Dutch perspective. The brand is known, but quite rare to see on the shelf of a regular bottle shop. Even most of … Continue reading

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Balblair 1996-2018, 54.4% – OB for La Maison du Whisky

I love Balblair. I liked them before, but ever since I visited them in 2013, I really loved them. However, I somehow barely ever buy a bottle. Some, but not a lot. Which I tried to remedy a little bit … Continue reading

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A few bottlings from yonder years

Occasionally I get the chance to try some whiskies from a long time ago, back when I was wee. Sometimes I create these occasions for myself by buying a sample or a dusty bottle in a shop or an auction. … Continue reading

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Balblair 2000-2014, 51%, OB for the Russian Federation

Now this is a first! I’ve never had a bottling for Russia before. Of course, that doesn’t change the whisky much, but it’s just a fun fact. Anyway, this heavily sherried Balblair single cask was released two years ago and … Continue reading

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Balblair 1975-2006, 30yo, 46.2% – Jack Wiebers Prenzlow Portfolio Collection

It’s not really a well known distillery in The Netherlands. As in, you can get it but that’s about it. Not many shops stock Balblair, and especially the older vintages somehow tend to be skipped. It’s a shame, since there’s … Continue reading

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A lot of new bottle shares, and some old ones

A few months ago I wrote a short overview of bottle-shares that were still available then. Most of those have sold now except the Willett one. Can’t really blame people for not knowing this rather awesome distillery. What also doesn’t … Continue reading

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