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Kilkerran 8, 2007-2015, Barolo Wine Cask, 61% – OB for Belgium

Another one of these random samples from the sample cupboard. I have no idea where it came from, but it’s an interesting one so I’m not going to feel bad about that for too long! It’s been a while since … Continue reading

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The Nectar 15 Years Tasting Box

Premise Last year my friend JPH and I bought a set of samples from Jon Beach, of Fiddler’s in Drumnadrochit. A massive splurge, but a series of great whiskies being surpassed by even better ones. This year, with Brexit being … Continue reading

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Kyrö Distillery, a triptych

Imagine a bunch of sweaty, middle-aged men sitting in a sauna with a dram. I am not one for saunas, but I can imagine the banter happening, and the idea of making ones own whisky isn’t too far fetched. To … Continue reading

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2 Kavalan from sherry casks

If you like heavily sherry’d whiskies and are willing to shell out at least a little bit, you probably are familiar with Kavalan. A Taiwanese distillery whose whiskies have won every award there is to win, unless it’s region specific … Continue reading

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Kilchoman 7, 2013-2021, Tequila Cask 736/2013, 55.7% – OB for The Nectar

This Kilchoman finished, not matured, in a Tequila cask is one of the many bottlings for The Nectar‘s 15th anniversary. Where I thought The Nectar was a bottler, they are also a sizeable importer for Belgium, focusing on all kinds … Continue reading

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Bunnahabhain 1987-2015, 28yo, 55% – The Whisky Agency

In 2014 during the Blog Birthday Bash, Teun was kind enough to bring a bottle of 1987 Bunnahabhain. That was one of the more popular drams of the evening and my first encounter with what turns out to be a … Continue reading

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Arran 8yo, 2006-2014, 56.6%, Peated – OB for The Nectar

Arran is on a roll the last year or two, with many private cask releases and also quite a few releases for themselves. Since about five years or so they’ve also got a peated whisky on the market, called Arran … Continue reading

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