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Kavalan 5, 2015-2021, Vinho Barrique, 55.6% – OB for The Netherlands

Somehow, whenever a Kavalan becomes available my ears peak up. I am not entirely sure why, because I’m not even that big a fan of the brand. There have been some true beauties from the Taiwanese distillery, but especially their … Continue reading

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Glen Elgin 23, 1995-2019, Hogshead 3241, 52.2% – Archives for Taiwan

A quick review, since it’s been a while. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been massively busy, and the reinstatement of commuting hasn’t been without time consumption either. So, between being away for a weekend, commuting, an insanely busy … Continue reading

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2 Kavalan from sherry casks

If you like heavily sherry’d whiskies and are willing to shell out at least a little bit, you probably are familiar with Kavalan. A Taiwanese distillery whose whiskies have won every award there is to win, unless it’s region specific … Continue reading

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Nantou Omar, Sherry Cask, 46%

A few years ago I tried both the Omar Sherry Cask and the Bourbon Cask at a whisky festival and I remember being positively surprised by them. So when this one popped up in a random webshop-browsing-session I decided to … Continue reading

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Kavalan Solist 2010-2016, B101217032A, 58.6%

Ah, who doesn’t remember B101217032A? It’s one of those iconic cask numbers that makes most whisky lovers drool. But no, it doesn’t really resonate, these eleven characters which most likely only mean something to the distillery’s barcode scanner. It also … Continue reading

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Irish Single Malt Whiskey, 1988-2015, 26yo, 46.3% – The Whisky Agency for Taiwan

For the last two years old Irish whiskeys have been making name for themselves. They more or less came out of nowhere, and I think the first major release was done by Adelphi with their Limerick whiskey. Since then all … Continue reading

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Hielander Whisky Festival 2016

Yesterday I went to another awesome session of the Hielander Whisky Festival in Alkmaar. I took some pictures, but obviously not of everything I tried. I am far too forgetful for that, and I also don’t want to disclose my … Continue reading

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Kavalan 8yo, 2006-2015, Peaty Cask, 53.2% – OB for WhiskyNerds

A little while ago, I guess just in early December, Bram and Floris (the WhiskyNerds) announced their second cask. They did a GlenDronach earlier in the year which I (shamefully) have not reviewed yet. I have been enjoying it since … Continue reading

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Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask, 58.6%, cask S060710004

While I should technically do another two whisky reviews before getting to this one, as this one was the last whisky of the evening, I decided to skip them as those two bottles were the Bowmore Tempest Batch 3, and … Continue reading

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Kavalan Concertmaster, Port Finish, 40%

Kavalan is a whisky which nobody had ever heard of until about three years ago. It then was chosen in a blind tasting to be the most delicious whisky of the bunch. Whether or not that makes any sense in … Continue reading

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