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Arran 13, Peated Pinot Noir Cask, 56% – OB for The Netherlands

Look at me reviewing a recent release of which I wasn’t sent a sample! That never happens! Anyway, this one popped up a few weeks ago on the shelves of Dutch whisky shops. It stood out because it being a … Continue reading

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Kavalan 5, 2015-2021, Vinho Barrique, 55.6% – OB for The Netherlands

Somehow, whenever a Kavalan becomes available my ears peak up. I am not entirely sure why, because I’m not even that big a fan of the brand. There have been some true beauties from the Taiwanese distillery, but especially their … Continue reading

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Bimber, 2020, Bourbon cask, 58.9% – OB for The Netherlands

Pay attention: this is a review to (and a rant about) the first Bimber for The Netherlands, not the second one released in summer 2021. There’s a problem here. I like to address it in my own, rambling way. Or … Continue reading

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Three random, high octane GlenAllachie

GlenAllachie has been making name for themselves since Billie Walker took over a couple of years ago. While it was a bit of a generic distillery beforehand, focused on producing whisky for blenders, they now are releasing lots (and I … Continue reading

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Glenfarclas 15, 52.1% – OB for The Netherlands

Contrary to yesterday, today’s whisky does state that it actually is Glenfarclas. It’s also not teaspooned, matured in refill and first fill casks and not nearly as dark. It is, however, 4% stronger in alcohol content. Still not a huge … Continue reading

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